Why Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Deserve to be Fired: A Conservative Stance

On Monday night’s episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the late-night television host went on a twelve-minute rant firing back at Donald Trump after the president implied in an interview that Colbert’s fellow CBS talk-show host John Dickerson was biased. Colbert took offense to this, stating, “When you insult one member of the CBS family, you insult us all.”

In this rant, Colbert referred to Trump as a “Gorge Washington,” “presi-dunce,” “prick-traitor,” and made many more derogatory remarks that made every leftist watching pee their pants from laughter. And while the Left has celebrated this criticism of the Donald, as if it hasn’t happened every single day on every single late-night show since 2015, there is one line in particular that has caused quite a stir. Colbert stated, “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Since this remark, Colbert has come under fire for being “homophobic,” with many people rallying to get the host fired and pressuring his advertisers to drop him. And I know what you’re thinking, but, surprisingly, this outrage is not coming from who you’d normally expect.

The Left, being the faithfully inclusive groupthinkers that they are, have decided that degrading President Trump is much more important than sticking to their self-portrayal as social justice activists. So instead of going completely bonkers, the Left has decided to ignore Colbert’s comment and praise him for standing up to the evil dictator that is Trump. Evidently, it’s okay if a fellow leftist makes a gay joke as long as they’re bashing the president in the process. They’ll happily take that tradeoff.

It’s very telling that the Left has decided to overlook Colbert’s gay joke. We all know that if it was a conservative who said this the leftists would have gathered outside their door, pitchforks in hand, and chased the rotten conservative until the angry mob ran out of breath and hobbled back to body positivity camp. The hypocrisy is unreal, and it just further discredits the Left’s BS narrative that their flawless angels who would never be so cruel as to joke about someone’s holy gayness.

But if the leftists are celebrating, where is the outrage coming from?

No…it can’t be…you can’t mean…the conservatives? Unfortunately, yes. Conservatives have been the unlikely voices leading the charge in the #FireColbert hashtag, sounding off about Colbert being “anti-gay,” making themselves look like complete hypocrites. We all know that the Left excel at this, but the Right is consistent more often than not. And while both sides can see the other’s hypocrisy, they refuse to acknowledge their own.

This is bad for a few reasons.

1) I can see the Right becoming more and more reactionary, and that scares the crap out of me. We must stick to our morals. The conservatives who are outraged that Colbert made a gay joke are even more hypocritical than the Left is for ignoring it. We know better. We’re the people who’re supposed to be fighting for freedom of speech, remember? But in this case, the Left is supporting free speech and the Right is trying to get a guy fired for using it. How backwards is that? Even if they’re supporting free speech for the wrong reason, the Left is actually correct in this case. Don’t just assume that their stance is always wrong. Sometimes they take our side because they can’t help being hypocritics. Take advantage of this idiocy to point out how hypocritical they’re being. When we’re doing the same thing, we’re not going to win anybody over to our side.

2) Making a gay joke does not make you homophobic. For the love of God, the Right needs to stop using the Left’s tactics of buzzwords immediately; It’s driving me crazy. Can you not see that this is resorting to their politically correct tendencies? By decrying “anti-gay” when a guy makes a harmless gay joke, you’re following the Left’s playbook exactly as it’s written. Joking about something doesn’t make you anti that thing. Give me a freaking break.

3) Conservatives are making me side with the Left on this one, and that makes me angry. I’m now on the same side as the people who in the last few days have been sending me the most hateful messages I’ve ever received. And I really don’t like being on this side. The girls don’t shave their armpits and everyone smells like urine.

My fellow conservatives, stop being reactionaries. Please. I beg you. Think it through before you choose a stance. Stick to your worldview. And if you don’t have one, figure out what yours is immediately. Stop following in the Left’s footsteps of authoritarianism. Just because they’ve done it to us a million times doesn’t make it okay for us to neglect our morals.

Remember, we believe in freedom, including the freedom to make a stupid gay-joke about the president. Don’t let your disdain for the Left cloud your beliefs.


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  1. I think Colbert’s rant was a little bit too much, despite being a liberal myself. I don’t really see it as homophobic, because I think his comment was more like saying Trump is a prison bitch, rather than gay for Putin (Maybe I’m wrong). That said, I had to sit through 8 years of watching conservatives basically hurl every insult they could muster at Obama and Hillary, comparing them Hitler, and saying they were terrorist apologists, to being communist, and accusing them of everything from treason to sex trafficking. So yeah, my sympathy pool for Trump supporter’s “outrage” ran dry looooong ago.

    It’s like watching someone throw punches for 8 years, and you finally push them away and say “stop”, and they throw a tantrum that you used physical force against them.


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