Ivanka is NOT the Female Future of the Right. Here Are 6 Reasons Why:

Ivanka Trump will not be the Right’s first female President. Ever since she started to creep towards the spotlight, there has been speculation about her running for office in 2024 after her father’s second term, though she has denied the hearsays. Ivanka is by no means a conservative or even a Republican. In fact, many suspect she’s behind her father’s slight shift to the Left. If Ivanka ran, she would not represent conservatism or even her father’s brand of the Right, here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Never been a Republican- Ivanka has never claimed a political party. This is, in fact, why she could not vote for her father in the New York GOP primary. She also stated in her RNC speech, “like many of my fellow millennials, I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat.” She goes on to claim that she votes for what is “right”, but going through her speech you will realize that she leans much more to the left. Also, growing up around New York elitists doesn’t really spur one’s roots of conservatism.
  2. Secret meetings- Since Ivanka took an official spot in the White House she has held secret meetings with several liberal special interest group, most notably the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. The meeting with Cecile Richards, the co-president of Planned Parenthood, was to “make sure that Ivanka fully understood what Planned Parenthood does.” Many believe these meetings could be an indicator of why President Trump was so disposed to sign a spending bill that does not defund Planned Parenthood. On the contrary, President Trump did sign a bill to allow states to block some federal Planned Parenthood money, so maybe her level of influence is overstated.
  3. Border control- Just a few weeks ago, Ivanka took a strong left turn from her father in regards to Syrian refugees. President Trump has taken a hardline stance against bringing improperly vetted refugees into the country since the very beginning, and apparently, Ivanka breaks with him here. In a recent Interview, Ivanka referenced the war in Syria as a “global humanitarian crisis” and that opening the United States to Syrian refugees, “has to be part of the discussion, but that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.”
  4. Supports LGBT rights- Several reports say that Ivanka and Jared Kushner were behind the withdrawal of President Trump’s first executive order on religious freedom. The original executive order would have overturned President Obama’s workplace protections for LGBT people and given companies more legal exemptions based on religious beliefs. The following executive order was deeply modified and even prompted the ACLU, the highly critical liberal watchdog group, to call it an “elaborate photo op”. Even the AFA was highly critical of the new order saying, “There was no word of comfort, encouragement, or support for those who have been victimized by the relentless persecution of the homosexual lobby.”
  5. Self-proclaimed feminist- Ivanka’s clothing line motto is “inspiring and empowering women” and her new book is titled “Women Who Work.” However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this subject; leftists claim she isn’t a real feminist. While being a feminist doesn’t automatically make one liberal, repeating feminist punchlines and supporting liberal social programs does. For example, on Equal Pay Day Ivanka took to twitter to show her support for the “wage gap” between men and women. The wage gap is a falsehood perpetuated by the left that has been debunked numerous times; See this PragerU video by Christina Hoff Summers. Also, Democrats adore her child care and paid family leave proposals.
  6. Climate Change- Ivanka’s position on climate change was laid out from the very beginning when she invited Al Gore to meet with her and her father at Trump Tower. Their meeting prompted Al Gore to say in an interview with MSNBC after the meeting that, “It’s no secret that Ivanka Trump is very committed to having a climate policy that makes sense for our country and for our world.” There was even a report from The Hill that President Trump was mulling over a carbon tax proposal, though he shot this down quick. While the President did deny this, one can’t help but wonder if this was an idea that Ivanka supported to push her agenda on climate change.

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  1. I disagree. Ivanka may not be a Republican/Democrat, but i don’t consider her an enemy to conservatives or Republicans. I’ve been reading her Women Who Work book and it’s outstanding. Also, she stated that motherhood was the new wage gap definer, not gender. It helps to be informed before disparaging someone.

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    1. First, I never said she was the enemy, just not the future because she’s not conservative. Second, I don’t care how she defines it, the government will never be the answer to fix it, and we shouldn’t expect it to. That’s not the conservative thing to do.


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