Refugee Crisis Brings Contention Surrounding Islam

Over the past couple of years, the global community has seen a horrendous civil war ravaging Syria. The internal divisions within the country unexpectedly invited some unwarranted help on behalf of Russia. With the continual backing and representation from the Kremlin, Assad was free to do as he wished. He continues to carry out brutal chemical weapons attacks, murder his own people, and conduct business with ISIS, all the while the international community refrains from taking a hard-line stance against his brutish and abominable actions. Currently, because of their lack of involvement and preventative measures, the majority of European nations are facing the consequences. The war in Syria has led to a mass exodus of individuals and families into these European nations. The negative implications of this, in my opinion, were swept under the carpet and ignored by many European politicians, who decided to act in a way that simply advanced their own agenda and appeased public sentiment at the time. However, over the last year or so, our world has been exposed to the dangerous and destructive aspects of this mass migration, and I believe it stems from the fundamental values espoused in Islam.

It comes as no surprise that the majority of individuals emigrating from Syria and the surrounding territories follow Islam. It is reasonably expected, however, that once they reach their new homes in Europe they assimilate into the host culture’s values and appropriate forms of conduct. This, put quite bluntly, has not happened at all. In a recent PragerU video entitled, “How Is Muslim Immigration To Sweden Working Out?” , Ami Horowitz journeys to this country that has never really attracted the attention of national news coverage. Now, however, it is considered “the rape capital of the world.” I was interested in this video, because surely rape existed before this video was released, and therefore I asked myself, “Why is Sweden attracting media attention now?” From viewing this short video, the answer was portrayed quite clearly: mass migration into Sweden by Muslim refugees was the direct cause of the extortionate rape statistics. Horowitz traveled to police stations, where waiting rooms were filled with young Swedish women who wanted to report sexual abuse or other forms of sexual misconduct, perpetrated by individuals of Asian (Middle Eastern) origin.

However, rape is not the only dramatic side effect being prescribed to Sweden. Sweden, and many other European countries such as the UK and Germany, are home to nefarious “no-go” zones. These zones are inhabited predominantly by Muslims who refuse to integrate into the host society. In addition to a lack of integration, these zones are riddled with crime, violence, drugs, rape, and hostility. The zones in Sweden are so incredibly dangerous that law enforcement officials will not even journey into them, and they have completely given up policing the areas. Crime and economic strain has become so destructive in Sweden that the government has actually stated that their original open border policy was a mistake, and they are now pursuing a policy of actively restricting and investigating people entering their country.

Sweden is not the only European country to experience the detrimental effects of the refugee crisis. Germany, under Angela Merkel’s leadership, accepted over 1 million refugees, costing the government billions of US dollars. The problems do not cease at the economic strain unfortunately. Mass rape took place throughout Cologne, leaving hundreds of women violated and mentally scarred. The United Kingdom has also experienced extensive and damaging repercussions from refugee migration and Islam itself. Sharia law courts exist throughout the United Kingdom, where women are systematically denied basic due process rights and are at the behest of their male counterparts. Muslims, like Anjem Choudary, who are sympathetic with ISIS and al-Qaeda, are prominently and uncontrollably radicalizing followers in mosques across the country. Most disturbingly however, is the unforgettable presence of Islamic rape gangs. In Rotherham for example, a rape gang was formed which forced 15 vulnerable and innocent girls, the youngest being 11, to perform horrific sex acts over a 16 year period.

The events listed above have one conclusive finding: Islam is unconducive to western values, society, and life in general. In Islam, through the teachings in the Quran, women are constantly demeaned, denigrated, treated like animals and denied basic rights that western women fruitfully enjoy. Men often beat and abuse women , and it’s no surprise that they are continuing these actions in countries that fail to recognize the dangers of Islam. Crimes against non-Muslims have risen, since the Quran purports that Muslims should not befriend Christians, Jews, or other religious individuals. The presence of mosques allows for unlimited possibilities in terms of radicalization, and many western nations have already had individuals fight for ISIS and then return to within their borders, unabated. Are all Muslims bad? The answer is a defiant ‘no.’ However, there is an inherent problem within the religion itself, and how it is being understood by its contemporary followers. At this point it seems to me, and others who are gradually waking up to the fundamental problems of Islam and the refugee crisis, that Islam, unfortunately, has not proven itself worthy of establishment and continuance in the western world. It appears that we are no longer only fighting a war on terrorism, but from the events illustrated above, a war on a ruinous religious culture as well.

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