Why Black Lives Matter’s Peace Award is Complete Nonsense

The radical leftist "Black Lives Matter" movement was given a peace award by the Sydney Peace Foundation.....

The radical leftist movement, Black Lives Matter, has officially been given an award by the Sydney Peace Foundation, but not just any award, the radical leftist movement was awarded the yearly Sydney Peace Prize Citation.

The reason that Black Lives Matter was awarded this prize is listed on their website, stating:

“For building a powerful movement for racial equality, courageously reigniting a global conversation around state violence and racism. And for harnessing the potential of new platforms and power of people to inspire a bold movement for change at a time when peace is threatened by growing inequality and injustice.”

The Sydney Peace Foundation’s website gives a comprehensive history of the movement, but fails to take into account the violence and radical ideas that have been spouted by many of the movement’s leading members.

Black Lives Matter was founded in 2012 over a viral hashtag on Twitter after the shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. The group, assisted by the Democrat-media complex, portrayed the shooting as completely unjustified with the innocent Micheal Brown being shot by the “white hispanic” George Zimmerman. However, this was proven to be a lie, and the shooting was determined to be justified and done in self-defense. But the damage had been done, and although they were proven incorrect, Black Lives Matter began to grow.

After Trayvon Martin, it was Micheal Brown. The movement, again assisted by the Democrat-media complex, labeled Brown “the gentle giant,” but a video later revealed that he had shoved a store clerk right before being shot, once again proving the Left’s sacred movement wrong.

Time and time again, the movement has attempted to aggrandize black criminals as saints and innocent men who are oppressed by America and our “unjust” system.

If Black Lives Matter had just simply lied, then this would not be an issue. However, this movement has caused racial tensions to double since their formation and has resulted in cities being burned and looted. BLM allows leftist’s an alibi to burn down cities and persecute police officers for merely doing their job, and now, the Left has glorified them for being “peaceful.”

Member’s of this same “peaceful” movement rejoiced when Dallas police officers were viciously gunned down and called for the abolition of law and order, demanding that the police are defunded and abolished from society.

The Sydney Peace Foundation claims that the BLM movement is about “changing the conversation.” But when their idea of “changing the conversation” leads to the heightened tensions between blacks and whites and police officers and citizens, one must question what they’re changing the conversation to.

The uncomfortable and hard truth that the Left will not embrace is that the Black Lives Matter movement is doing more harm than it is good. By encouraging lawlessness and barbarism, it is just another way the Left shows its intent on destroying the black community under the guise of good intentions. This group doesn’t deserve a peace award; it deserves a special spot on the list of domestic terrorist organizations.

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One comment

  1. It is almost funny that BLM got a peace award. I can think of very few organizations who overtly promote violence and radically divisive extremist ideology to the extent that BLM does. It has promoted separatism almost as a religion, it has tried to rewrite national history and it has been the root cause of millions of dollars in total damages. They promote racism, specifically violence against non-blacks.
    I do not know what this organization is, but they obviously don’t do much research!!


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