A Tale as Old as Time: No, Democrats Don’t Give a Sh*t About You.

In a classless and ridiculous move, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) came out with a new t-shirt a few weeks ago. It read, “Democrats give a sh*t about people.”


Now, I find it a little ridiculous that the DNC is claiming they “give a sh*t about people” when it’s selling a generic-looking shirt for $30 that my 10 year old sister could easily make herself. That is a weird way to show you care about people.

But, to a larger point, the message portrayed on their shirt completely contradicts the actions of the Democratic Party. The laws they look to put into place and the policies they champion don’t show that they care about people in the slightest. At least, not the average American. Though, this is what we are told: If you care about your neighbor and your friends, if you wanna make sure people have a good life, and if you care about those who are less fortunate; you should vote for Democrats.

But, the truth is: Democrats don’t give a sh*t about people. And you can take that to the bank.

The claim that Democrats care about “equalizing” America regardless of your race, sex, gender, or ethnicity is, well, in my Trump voice, WRONG! What Democrats actually care about is expanding the government’s power, and many times lining their pockets in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, there are well-meaning Democrats who are truly in politics to try and help their communities, but the policies they look to advance do not accomplish those goals. Democrats, at their core, believe in growing government, giving the government more power, and as a result, taking that power away from the people.

Take the fight between AirBnB and the Hotel Lobby for example. New York Governor, and possible 2020 Presidential Candidate, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill last year targeting short-term rental companies, making it illegal to advertise apartments for less than 30 days. Now, the Hotel Lobby has devised a plan to try and put AirBnB out of business. They’ve devoted millions to fighting AirBnB, bringing up ridiculous lawsuits, and working with a few politicians to ask the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to look into Air BnB. Can you guess what side of the political spectrum these politicians were? That’s right. They were 3 Democratic Senators. Predictably, Democrats have lined up on the side that opposes the free market.

The progressive firebrand who supposedly works for everyday Americans, Elizabeth Warren, is the most well known of those senators. Senator Diane Feinstien, who has used the Senate as her personal enrichment scheme, is another. And Hawaiian Senator Brian Shatzz is the the last.

Each of these senators signed a letter asking the FTC to look into AirBnB. Now, this seems harmless, but AirBnB will now have to pay to have paperwork and files sent and given to the FTC, devote man power to answering questions, and much more. Will the mainstream media report that? Will they report on how lobbyists and big businesses are using Democrats to destroy the market, stifle capitalism, and create a monopoly so the hotel industry can continue to charge outrageous prices? Of course they won’t. And who will hurt as a result? The consumer. The average American worker. The 18 year old attending a conference in Washington, D.C. The middle class family on summer vacation.

Instead of forcing the hotels to lower their cost, the Left is doing what it always does and is looking to just destroy the market. Crony Capitalism at its finest, am I right? Still don’t believe me?

Take the war New York Mayor, and human big bird, Bill de Blasio tried to wage against Uber when he tried to cap the number of ride sharing vehicles that were allowed in the city for example. What UBER is doing in New York, as well as all over the country, is revolutionizing the way we think of driving services. Those in the outer boroughs of New York especially are being given a new opportunity. Cabs used to refuse to go there, and many who couldn’t afford driving services are now able to. People from places like the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, are now getting that chance from Uber, and at a reasonable price.

Now, you’d think that Bill de “Big Bird” Blasio would like that. Those are, after all, his constituents, who he was supposed to be fighting for. I thought he was the progressive champion? A man who understood the pleas and hopes of the working class?

This is how they, the Left, deceive us. They preach justice, equality, and support for the average man and woman while they line their pockets with cash and partner up big government with big business all under the guise of a “fairer America.”

There’s a reason why Democrats launched their 2012 Convention with this insane opener where they declared, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

This is key Democratic principle boiled down to it’s simplest form: Government can solve all of your problems.

Completely at odds with the small government philosophy, which looks to bring power to the individual and see them unleash their potential without government getting in the way. So, it’s easy to see why these two philosophies are always holding each other in contempt; they’re incompatible. You can not believe in the power of the people and big government at the same time. You can not want to give everyone a fighting chance while creating monopolies, and doing the work of billion dollar industries like the hotel industry.

This is not to give credence or support to Republicans, but rather to give credence and support to conservatism. To give weight and support to small government. To give power to the individual. When we see that, then we’ll see the insanity of big government, the flaw of the left. That in the end big government, can’t, and doesn’t look to benefit the average man. At its core it looks to gain power, which means stripping power from the people.

President Ronald Reagan said it best when he stated, “The nine scariest words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.'”

The Government is rarely here to help, and if they are, they are looking to gain something for themselves in return. Reagan, like our founders, knew that government was never the solution, it was the problem. Democrats, on the other hand, hold the government in the highest regard and want to give those in charge more control over our individual rights. So, no, Democrats don’t give a sh*t about you, and don’t let them deceive you into thinking otherwise.

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  1. But if you have any doubts you just need to look carefully at Chicago, Detroit, downtown Birmingham or any other area that has elected decades of the Democratic Party and lived through those administrations. I agree with you. Although I do think that, in general, the Republicans offer better solutions that seem to work. As an independent I do get angry at both parties. The whole idea is supposed to be American People first, isn’t it?

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