James Comey EXPOSES The New York Times as Fake News

During his hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Comey exposed the New York Times’ false reporting of stories related to the Trump campaign and Russia. The article stated that ‘members of President Trump’s campaign and ‘other Trump associates’ had repeated contacts with ‘senior Russian intelligence officials,’ and that the info was received from ‘four current and former American officials.’

Comey denounced the New York Times as being false on two separate occasions, once in an exchange with Senator Risch, where he said “In the main, [the story] was not true,” then in a later exchange with Senator Cotton he said it would be fair to characterize the story as ‘almost entirely wrong.’

Exchange with Senator Risch:

Later exchange with Senator Cotton (starts around 3:30):

There was also another exchange, this time with Senator Lankford, where Comey agreed that there were several stories that he read that left him ‘stunned by how wrong they got the facts,’ and also confirmed that there were “many, many stories, purportedly based on classified information… especially about Russia, that are just dead wrong.”

Exchange with Senator Lankford:

These three pieces of testimony from former FBI Director Comey are direct evidence of the New York Times, and other new sources, reporting false, unverified information to the public under the cover of unnamed ‘officials.’ This confirms several of the President’s accusations of the ‘failing New York Times’ being in the fake news business and shines some light upon the willful reporting of falsehoods from several other news sites.

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