The European Elite has Blood on its Hands

For what percent increase in GDP would you sacrifice the life of your child? 10%? 20%? 50%? For any sane human being, this is an unthinkable question. Unless you’re an unfeeling sociopath, you wouldn’t even consider giving a number in response. But the European elites have given an answer on behalf of the European people, and that number is somewhere around 1.5-2%.

This is being carried out via the population replacement scheme Spearheaded by Angela Merkel and the rest of the EU elites. Worried over Europe’s declining population and its potentially disastrous economic effects, European elites have decided that replacing the waning European population with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa is a better option than taking steps to increase native birthrates as has been successfully done in Putin’s Russia. Predictably, however, this flood of migrants has brought with it agents of Islamic terror who have wreaked havoc on almost every major European country, leaving hundreds, if not thousands, dead. The United Kingdom has been the most recent example of this issue with attacks in both Manchester and London in the past few weeks. But even as little girls were dying in the streets of Manchester and Britons were mowed down on London Bridge, the European elite was chastising those who would prevent another attack for being ‘Islamophobic.’

Their concern may seem moral. They may act that they just want to give these migrants a better life, but the real purpose is economic; to stave off the economic disaster of population decline via population replacement. This economic motive is covered over in moral language and couched in Europe’s commitment to ‘multiculturalism,’ and Europeans are dying because of it.

The worst part of this entire situation is that most people know how to solve the problem, even if they pretend they don’t. Closing the borders and expelling the refugees already taken in would go a long way towards preventing further deaths. Poland hasn’t taken in a single refugee and remains totally free of terror attacks. But the elites don’t care that there is a way to solve the problem. They don’t want to solve the problem, because according to their immoral calculus, a few deaths is a price worth paying for population replacement. As Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London, said, terror attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a big city. To prevent terror in the future, the elites would have to abandon their project of population displacement in Europe, something they won’t be quick to do.

Ironically, in order to keep the process going, the European elite, which claims to defend and promote ‘liberal democracy,’ is forced to employ silencing tactics to prevent the rise of the far-right. In Britain, after the Manchester attacks, the police sent out an Orwellian notice that ‘Islamophobic’ posts on social media are a crime and that posters would be found and punished.

Europe has been experiencing major political unrest as of late, stemming mostly from the refugee crisis that most Europeans are completely fed up with. In Austria, the Far-Right Freedom Party, who ran as anti-immigration, nearly gained the presidency, but was prevented via widespread cheating, presumably orchestrated by European elitists. In Germany, where there is such a thing as ‘illegal opinions,’ so called “hate speech raids” have begun to root out any criticism of the current migration policy. Finally, and worst of all, the EU has threatened Poland and Hungary, two states free of Islamic terror and refugees, with sanctions unless they comply with the wishes of the elite and take in their allotment of migrants.

The European Elite has blood on their hands due to their immoral calculus. In order to bolster their economies and replace the native population, they have subjected the European people to attack after attack, which they call ‘collateral,’ and silenced all those who resist. The United States elected Donald Trump because it was sick of being told what to do by an out of touch elite, and Europe should follow suit and take back their continent before it’s too late.


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