The Unholy Alliance Between Celtic FC and Palestine

The top-flight soccer team based out of Glasgow, Scotland, Celtic FC, has recently come under fire for their infamous alliance with Palestine and strong grievances against the state of Israel.

Though the team has no direct relations with Israel and their holistic military approach in the heart of the Middle East, they find many similarities with Palestine, specifically a heartfelt adage from their club song, “The Fields of Athenry.”

This song outlines the turbulent times of an Irish family who was dispossessed of their land and forced to starve during the Great Irish famine. The husband in the story is caught stealing and is deported to Australia, leaving the wife to take care of the family.

Celtic fans are deeply sympathetic to this story and often take flags to their ground to show solidarity to the oppressed. Or at least, that is what they tell the media.

In 2016, they defied warnings from European football’s governing body, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), and hoisted Palestinian flags at one of their home games. This game was against no other than Hapoel Boer Sheva, an Israeli outfit.

Celtic were fined £8,616 by UEFA for breaking the rules, using “gestures, words, objects or any other means to transmit any message that is not fit for a sports event.”

In a previous instance, they were fined £15,000 after a Palestinian flag was displayed at a Champions League qualifier against KR Reykjavik.

The Green Brigade, a group of die-hard Celtic supporters, recently took out a banner, “Refugees welcome, a club founded by immigrants.”

While they claim to be supportive of the oppressed, they forget the variance in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, which is often reported with a biased touch in favor of Palestinians.

Celtic and their fans seem to back Palestine, which plays the victim card in the region, often drawing worldwide criticism to what is defined as counter-terrorism by Israel.

Though they portray an alliance with the oppressed, Celtic and their fans seem to ignore the atrocities of Hamas, which aims to liberate Palestinian people from Israeli occupation and restore their rights under the sacred Islamic teachings of the Quran, the Sunnah (traditions) of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

Aside from training fifteen year-old kids to exterminate the Jews, Hamas is often accused of firing rockets from densely populated areas so Israeli forces won’t be able to fire back.

An Indian TV crew from NDTV India were able to film Palestinian militants setting up a rocket launcher outside a Gaza hotel. Nevertheless, the Palestinian sympathizers, which represent the core of the Celtic FC fan base, stay willfully ignorant and fail to admit the actual narrative happening between Israel and Palestine.

During the game where they played the Israeli team, Hapoel Boer Sheva, Celtic and their fans sent leaflets outside the stadium that undermined the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and even raised more than £130,000 for Palestinian charities, many of which direct their donations to Hamas.

The fact that Celtic and their fans took this victim worshipping motto ingrained in their club song to such an extreme politicized landscape speaks volumes about the association they seem to garner with Palestine, and I hope this team and their fanbase comes to their senses soon and realizes that they’re supporting nothing other than terrorism.



  1. It seems that you are wilfully ignorant of the Gaza holocaust of 2014 and the thousands of Palestinian dead
    Of the hundreds of Palestinian children in Israeli jails
    Of one of the most powerful military machines in the world deployed against a population with no army to protect it. Tanks, Helicopters, missiles, snipers targeting children.
    Fewer and fewer people are listening to the lies of Zionists. And few will fall for your one-sided description of an occupying force committing war crimes and human rights abuses on a daily basis.
    The evidence against the ethnic cleansers is growing, and its suppression is becoming more difficult for defenders of genocide.


    1. This idea that Zionists are worse than Islamists is absolute nonsense; Much of this is due to the western-based biased reporting which only puts forth one side of the narrative; These are the same blokes who work with Hamas on the ground to bring out all those faulty number of casualties, as reported by UN Human Rights Council. This is the same council which said 5000 people were killed in Jenin, which was false among many other things. Hamas deliberately pursued a strategy of firing rockets from densely populated areas, from under tents and Israel responded accordingly; Israel is like a tiny island amidst bordering Islamic hatred from all sides. By the way Israel has already ordered multiple prisoner releases, no need to exaggerate what is not there.


      1. I didn’t say that Zionists are worse than Islamists. To me they are out of the same stable, though the Israeli Zionists have more powerful weaponry, and a greater killing capability, which they have no hesitation in using. They also have the backing of the world’s supreme power (and bully).
        Of course you disapprove of the toothless UN Human Rights Council. Your Israeli masters abhor the term “human rights”.


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