Are Liberals Science Deniers?

In recent years, Democrats, and others on the Left, have claimed that they are strong believers in science. They want to show themselves off as supporters of science because “science is good” is an easy idea for the average American to get behind. This of course is a great tool for the Left. It shows others that leftist ideology not only supports the advancement in technology, but human advancement as well. However, this becomes a problem when science contradicts the Left’s agenda. More and more, the Left is showing us all that they are complete hypocrites when it comes to supporting science.

On April 22, 2017, there was a March for Science in Washington D.C. The march was not merely about climate change awareness, but also an excuse to bash President Trump. Climate change has recently become a popular topic of debate since President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. The Left and their good friends, the liberal media, have stated that President Trump is a science denier and has become a popular talking point on the Left. But this is not just limited to the president, but anyone even moderately right-wing is being labeled as a science denier. However, the truth is that a majority of conservatives believe that climate change is real. 54% of conservatives to be exact. So why are those on the Right labeled as deniers of science? Easy, because the Left is ignorant and needs to personally attack their opponent to look smart. Many conservatives believe in climate change, but the problem is there hasn’t been a realistic solution proposed and much of the science is still up for debate regarding climate change. Conservatives want a solution that does not come with ridiculous EPA regulations attached to it. The truth is, the Right is actually more of a supporter of science than the Left.

Those on the Left side of the isle claim to have a deep love for science. That is until the science of abortion and transgenderism is brought up. When debating abortion, the Right usually presents the same case over and over again. We believe that it is immoral terminate an innocent human life, no matter what stage of life that human is in. The Left fires back saying that women have the right to choose what happens to their body. And no one is disputing this. Women should and do have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. However, it is not the woman’s body that is being torn apart, sucked up in a vacuum, and discarded like it’s trash.

So since the Left loves science so much, I’m sure they’d be interested to hear the science of abortion. Science tells us that the unborn baby can have a different blood type than the mother. Science tells us that the unborn baby has a separate heartbeat than the mother. Science tells us that the unborn baby can feel pain. This is all science. Science has proven that the unborn baby is a separate entity. So why is it that the Left refuses to treat it as such?

Abortion is a topic of debate that has gone on for years, however, there is a new topic that further proves that the Left denies science when it conflicts with their agenda. The idea is being pushed that a woman can be a man and a man can be a woman regardless of biological sex. Of course, anyone who has taken a biology class, knows this is not true. We are either given an XX or XY chromosome, and no amount of hormone replacement therapy can change that. Science tells us that male and female brains are different. Science also tells use that male and female bodies are different (obviously). Have you ever watched an NBA game and compared it to a WNBA game? It is pretty clear that male and female bodies are different, not only when it comes to size, but athletic abilities as well. Males and females are substantially different, and you cannot put on a dress and magically become female if you have XY chromosomes. It’s just not backed by science. But even then, the Left argues that sex has nothing to do with gender. This is false, and there have been studies to prove that gender is biological.

A study was conducted in 2009 in which the Yerkes National Primate Center at Emory University to see if monkeys would exhibit gender specific toy preferences, just as humans do. They set up the experiment by putting a toy truck (which is considered masculine), and a soft plush toy (which is considered feminine). They then observed 34 monkeys to see which monkey preferred which toy. The results showed that there were more male monkeys who preferred the masculine toy, and more female monkeys who preferred the feminine toy. This is science that shows that gender and sex are connected. However, the Left continues to believe that you can change your sex regardless of the evidence. Wouldn’t you consider that a science denial?

We can argue whether or not climate change is real all day. We can argue whether it is more important to grow the American economy or to take ridiculously small steps to help save the Earth. That is one thing, but the Left claims to be absolute supporters of science just because they believe in climate change. However, we know they are not true supporters of science. They refuse the science of abortion, seeing an unborn child as a clump of cells and not a valued life that could one day change the world. They refuse the science of simple, third grade biology and instead insist that you can just change your gender as if your chromosomes are part of a large social construct. Science is the most reliable source of information that we have, so why deny what it tells us? The Left denies science because it strikes a huge blow to their agenda. Science tells us one thing, while the Left refuses to believe in an objective truth. The political Left is nothing more than a large group of hypocrites that use the name of science to push the agenda that they want to pursue, and they have no problem throwing true believers of science under the bus to achieve this agenda.

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