Trump Talks Policy at Strong Iowa Rally

On Wednesday, June 21, President Donald Trump delivered a powerful, campaign-like speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In this speech, he highlighted many of the things he had accomplished so far in his presidency, while making it clear that he still plans to accomplish more in his first term. Most importantly, he reaffirmed his point that his mission as President of the United States is to put America First.

It was like any other Trump rally. Thousands of people from the state of Iowa crammed into the venue to witness their commander-in-chief speak directly to the people. Most attendees were extremely dedicated Trump supporters, including the popular motorcycle group ‘Bikers for Trump.’

However, some were not happy that the president was there. Protestors, in their habitual manner, decided to interrupt the president while he was paying homage to Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was recently shot while practicing for the Congressional baseball game. The protestors blew sharp whistles and booed until they were escorted out of the building by security. All President Trump said in response was, “It never fails.”

During his speech, I noticed that Trump still behaves as he did on the campaign trail. His speeches have changed little to none since the day he came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency. He was still praising himself and his devoted followers, and of course, still ripping on Democrats and the dishonest media, but I repeat myself.

President Trump delved into a ton of policy issues during this speech, but began by discussing healthcare, likely because of the upcoming vote in the Senate on the American Health Care Act. While on this topic, Trump made a point that all conservatives know to be true. However, it was satisfying to hear it coming from the president. He stated:

“If we went and got the single greatest healthcare plane in the history of the world, we would not get one Democrat vote. Because they’re obstructionists.”

As you can imagine, cheers erupted when he made that statement. There is nothing conservatives like more than hearing President Trump bash the damaged Left. And this was just the beginning. He went on to poke fun at the Democrats for investing $30 million into the campaign of Jon Ossoff, who recently lost the congressional race for the sixth district in Georgia. This rally demonstrated that Trump is still Trump, and it does not look like that’s changing anytime soon. Nor should we want him to. This is the Trump that won him the presidency, and if he wishes to increase his favorability, he’s going to need more nights such as this one.

Trump later went on to talk about America’s energy future, stating:

“We’ve ended the war on clean coal, and we’re putting our miners back to work.”

He continued by announcing that since his inauguration, 33,000 mining jobs have been added back into the workforce, bringing a thunderous applause. This goes back to the main message of his presidency: America First.

This is why he was able to win the state of Pennsylvania and so many others he wasn’t supposed to win. Coal miners knew that when they voted for Donald Trump, they were voting for someone who would support the coal industry, and not attempt to destroy it like President Obama or Secretary Clinton.

However, President Trump wanted to make it clear that he did not want to rely solely on coal, but at the same time acknowledges that we cannot afford to rely only on new forms of energy, such as wind. He said:

“I don’t want to just hope that the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories.”

President Trump knows that clean energy is a good and important development, but isn’t ignorant about the importance of coal as well. This is a good side of Trump that is draped in a realistic approach to energy dependency.

In addition to reviving the coal industry, Trump also promised to support the growth of nuclear energy, explaining that America’s interests always come first. He stated:

“I promised to renegotiate or leave any deal which fails to serve America’s interests. I’m not going to allow countries to take advantage of the United States any longer.”

Trump said this in reference to the Paris Climate Accord, which he backed out of last month. Many leftists have condemned his decision to back out of the agreement. Not only that, but he brought up the Trans Pacific Partnership, which he pulled us out of at the beginning of his presidency, reiterating that he did not believe that this treaty was in the interests of America. He also hit on renegotiating NAFTA, which he spoke of doing many times during his candidacy. All in all, he assured all of us that he is looking to put America first when it comes to foreign deals.

Of course, it would not be a Trump rally if he had neglected to discuss his key issue of immigration. He went on to tell the story of Sarah Root, an Iowa girl who was killed by an illegal immigrant just one day after graduating college with a 4.0 GPA. He explained that since his the beginning of his presidency, illegal border crossings have dropped by 75%. However, he believes that this is still not enough. He reassured everyone that he is going to keep his promise of building a wall along our southern border and insinuated that they are making plans for it as of now, even suggesting a new addition to the original wall plan that should have leftists ready to compromise.

In a sort of trolling fashion that President Trump has become known for, he introduced a new idea that includes placing solar panels all along his promised border wall. He said that if this happens, it will practically pay for itself, and that Mexico will have to pay us less. The problem is, with Trump, you never know whether he is serious or not, but either way this is a win-win for conservatives. If he was merely trolling the Left, as he’s accustomed to doing, that is hilarious. But if he’s serious, this could be a good compromise that would possibly convince the Left to get on board with the wall.

But it was at the end of his points about illegal immigration that he brought up an idea set to trigger every Democrat. He stated:

“The time has come for new immigration rules, which say that those seeking admission into our country, must be able to support themselves financially, and should not use welfare for a period of at least five months.”

Cheers erupted through the stadium. It is a policy that will expand the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, which allows the federal government to deport immigrants who become dependent on governmental assistance within 5 years of arriving.

As of right now, this is hands down my favorite immigration policy promoted by the president. It ensures that other countries are only sending us their best, not people that will consistently rely on government assistance. Fiscal Conservatives are sick of watching their tax dollars go towards people who come here for handouts. This idea will drive the Left up the wall (and perhaps over it), but it is refreshing to see a president make such large leaps to make sure we are spending our money wisely.

All in all, it was refreshing to see President Trump back in a setting where he feels most comfortable, with his supporters. He showed the American people that his main priority is still putting Americans first. This is why he won in the first place, and if he continues to hammer this point, it’ll be why he’s reelected. Hard working, middle class Americans felt left behind by the last administration, and Donald Trump took them into his arms. America wanted a leader that would defend their interests, and Trump continues to show that he will. Donald Trump is a winner in every sense of the word, and he continues to deliver a winning message.

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