Defending Religious Freedom from the Progressive Left

In a recent article in the Miami Dade College Reporter, they decided to take shots at not only me, but the College Republicans and my defense for religious freedom. Here is their take in an article they published called “The Political Right Has An Edge Over Its Leftists Counterparts.”

In that article, the author states:

“The College Republicans at Kendall Campus have taken Trump’s advice and hopped on a new high horse by having their press secretary, Miguel Granda, write a column in The Reporter defending the discrimination of same-sex marriage under the pretense of “religious liberty” and using a token agnostic to justify his position. Defining marriage as a union exclusively between a man and a woman, because of one’s religious preferences, is like defending the Jim Crow South as a way of life because of the “separate but equal” precedent established in the 1896 Supreme Court Case Plessy versus Ferguson.

Marriage is not just a church formality. Marriage is a legal status that provides perks in the tax code such as claiming more deductions and exclusion of income if the proprietary value on a personal residence increases. Defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman is discriminatory because it bars same-sex couples from enjoying the same economic benefits a straight couple would enjoy.”

The contributor ended his article by saying that:

“If our great nation ought to make it through one of the most unpopular and corrupt administrations in our history, we must recognize that we are entitled to our own opinions, but we are not entitled to our own alternative facts.”

He calls for the recognition that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but apparently only if your opinion is the same as his and everyone else on the left. Tolerance is something that must be practiced by both sides of the political isle. Not being able to have civil discussions about differing opinions and calling people a racist and saying that their views are discriminatory just because their different will not solve anything, but will further divide this country. We have seen what the last 8 years have done to this nation as one of the worst Presidents this country has ever had not only worsened relations between the people in this country, but also appointed federal judges that have been ruling against religious liberty and our first amendment rights.

We reached out to The Reporter on Twitter to let them know that their blatant disrespect towards me and my views were uncalled for, since they didn’t reach out to me for comment and based their false assumptions of me based on my article, here is what they said:

Here is an excerpt from my article that was published on The Reporter, which is the Student Newspaper at Miami Dade College, in which they deemed necessary to respond to. The full article can be read here.

Those who advocate for LGBTQ rights say that religious liberty laws are ‘anti-gay’ and allow for discrimination. “It would be a national license to discriminate, and it would endanger LGBTQ people and their families,”  Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, another organization that advocates for LGBTQ rights, told ABC News.

I’m here to tell you that our Christian views and our right to religious liberty protections do not allow for anyone to discriminate.

The legal definition of marriage has changed and public policy is trying to change the definition of what it is to be male or female. But should the government or any liberal organization censor and penalize those who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, or that you are born male and female?

The answer is no.

Just because someone disagrees with you, it should not justify you nor the government forcing that person to conform to your beliefs. Religious liberty allows us to live our lives based on our morals without the fear of persecution from those that disagree with our beliefs. But what the left and liberal organizations want is to force citizens to accept and celebrate their actions while penalizing anyone who doesn’t conform. 

I released a statement alongside the president of the College Republicans at Miami Dade College, Marlon Montero, to call to the attention of the administration at Miami Dade College and the School Newspaper that we will not tolerate the hatred from neither The College Reporter, nor their contributors. As I did not attack any member of their newsletter nor any member of the LGBT community, it would have been appreciated that I would have received the same respect. Over the past year their opinion section has published articles calling Republicans racists and everything in between. I took a stand and wrote an article to ease the tension and let them know that our views are not meant to discriminate against anyone. They, of course, did not take it that way. They attacked me personally, forcing me to respond, which can be read below.

My final message to my criticizers would be that religious liberty not only protects my faith, but it also protects the beliefs of all religious minorities in the United States, including those students who hold different beliefs than my own. We as American citizens have an unalienable right to this freedom as enshrined in the Constitution, and I will continue to fight for it no matter the blowback I may receive.

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This article was originally published on Turning Point News.


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