Everyone’s a Hypocrite

For the three of you that read my articles, you may have noticed I haven’t written in a long time. I have been going through a political transformation.

I’ve spent my entire life in Texas and the Deep South, growing up in a conservative Christian home, having all immediate family of that same ilk. They’re all great people. However, its fair to say that I’ve never had any true diversity of ideas in my immediate surroundings. This article doesn’t end with me saying I’m now a part of the Left, don’t worry. It will end, however, with me saying I’m no longer on “the Right”.

Hypocrisy is the absolute worst character trait of any human being and it seems to make me even more angry when it comes from certain groups of people; Groups of people knowingly saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. We all know this comes from the Left constantly.

They claim to be pro-choice, yet don’t allow for the choice of healthcare, continuing to push single-payer. Bernie Sanders, who is frighteningly becoming more and more mainstream on the Left, even condoned bread lines and food rationing in America. There’s not much choice in what we get in a bread line, Bernie.

The Left claims to be the side of tolerance, yet lefties all over claim that it’s okay to punch Richard Spencer because he’s a “Nazi.” Likewise, Jon Favreau, former Obama speechwriter and mainstream leftist who hosts the popular liberal podcast ‘Pod Save America,’ promulgated the idea that political violence is funny, rather than making it clear that violence in response to words and ideas is never justified. Meanwhile CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream news outlets have failed to fully denounce groups like Antifa who continue to promote and inflict violence at Trump-related events. This side of “love and tolerance” booed Steve Scalise, the congressman who was the victim of a shooting, at a recent Trump rally in Iowa.

There’s so much more I can go into concerning the Left, but at the moment it’s more important to recognize my previous blind spots and point them out to some of you. “The Right” has become as hypocritical as the Left, and, in my mind, I’m more angry with them than I am with those on the Left because I’ve identified as a conservative for nearly 27 years of my life.

“The Right” has always called the Left ‘bullies’ for the things that I listed above (Ben Shapiro even wrote a book called Bullies about the horrid and inhumane tactics employed by many lefties). Failing to denounce violence while calling many who disagree with leftist thought ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ and ‘Islamophobic’ (while failing to ever engage or understand the point of view of someone on “the Right”) were the worst of these sins. However, “the Right” has recently begun doing the same thing, and it’s painful to watch.

We continue to see, on many college campuses, the indoctrination of kids with leftist thought, and immediately, “the Right” bashes these kids. Using words like “snowflake,” and “libtard” and talking down to these people as if they aren’t capable of anything else but reciting their gender studies professors’ talking points. Yet isn’t this the exact thing which “the Right” complained about after Trump was voted into office?

I heard this time and time again: “Maybe if those calling us ‘racists’ and ‘sexists’ for voting Trump would just listen to our side, they’d understand us better, rather than just demonizing.” After the election, “the Right” turns around and immediately begins demonizing those with whom they don’t agree.

I wrote a piece immediately following the election called “I Didn’t Vote for Trump, but I Wish I Had, and while I never truly wished I had voted for Trump, it was written as a response to the outrageous vitriol and hate coming from the Left, trying to wake them up to the fact that maybe their hate was hurting more than helping. Yet at this point, I don’t think I would’ve written that. I wouldn’t have written that because the hate and hypocrisy coming from “the Right” is just as bad as that of the Left.

I could go on about right-wing hypocrisy, such as claiming to want smaller government while blowing out military spending or countless other hypocritical nonsense I’ve seen as I’ve begun checking my blind spots in an attempt to find truth. I’ll save those for another time, maybe a ‘Countless Lies of the Right’ series.

I’m sure I’ll be called a ‘cuck’ for even writing this, which will prove my point even further. So, for now, consider me absent from “the Right”, but still far from the Left. I’ll continue to wander here in the political wilderness with John McCain and Nancy Pelosi. But they’re only here because they forgot how to get home.


One comment

  1. I am not fond of stereotyping and name-calling either. They produce no positive results. At the same time the left always seems to march to the beat of the same drummer. The right does not and hypocritical or not their goals align with mine. I vote for Republicans and sometimes a Democrat. I vote for character and platform. I research. I think everyone should do so.
    Good Luck on your political journey. “…and the truth shall set you free.”


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