Hillary Poses With “Nasty Woman” Shirt, Hilarity Ensues

Hillary has come out of the woods, sadly.

Yesterday, she decided to plague twitter with a “nasty woman” shirt to show her support for the abortion-mill that is Planned Parenthood as well as Samantha Bee. Bee also jumped in for the fun by tweeting out a picture in her “nasty woman” shirt and calling Hillary the “original #NastyWoman.”

The “nasty woman” shirt campaign is a fundraising attempt to raise $1 million for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project in Los Angeles. This project was started to practically crowd-fund Planned Parenthood in case they get defunded. Bee and Clinton have been champions of the abortion-mill and vehemently protest its defunding.


Twitter users let them have their fun for all of two seconds.

It wasn’t long until crafty tweeters were using this perfect platform to poke fun at the failed presidential candidate. They hit her from every direction, giving us absolute Twitter gold… enjoy:




As you can see, Twitter had a field day. We thank them for the great service of providing us with never-ending Hillary jokes. They tapped into the treasure trove of mockery that can be hurled towards her and have done a great deed for the Twittersphere.

These jokes are riddled with hits at her loss in the election, alleged crimes, and her unwillingness to accept the election results. Some are just funny but others hold truths, like the last one by Ben McDonald, because Hillary didn’t go to Wisconsin even ONCE during the general election race.

The former presidential candidate brings this upon herself when she decides to stick her nose back into the fire of politics. She can expect similar things every time she decides to, “come out of the woods.” Though we will have to fight back against the insufferable causes she champions, at least we will have something to laugh about.

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