Feminism: A War On Society



  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes

Feminism, in its purist form, was and is a beautiful movement based on freeing women from the oppression they’d suffered through for centuries. Though it has achieved more than the original suffragettes could have ever imagined, unfortunately, this hasn’t led to societal stability. Because of a lack of goals, the once empowering movement has turned into a sadistic version of its former self. Feminism has surpassed its aspiration for equality and plunged into complete indecency. It’s truly astonishing to watch the movement that fought to free me and all my sisters from societal oppression take such a drastic turn from the brave and honorable vision it once held. Observing modern feminism, it’s easy to regard all feminists as power hungry authoritarians who disapprove of Western society, but let’s take a look back in time at some examples of what true feminism looks like:


Heroes in skirts fought in British streets for our right to vote. Women broke laws which they were not allowed a say in creating. They fought elected politicians whom they were not allowed to vote into office. They petitioned for the voice which they were not given by society.

Russian Revolution:

On May 8th, 1917, women along side the men of the Petrograd Soviet sparked an all day protest, now remembered as International Women’s Day, where they attacked factories, police stations, and even confronted Russian troops by robbing them of their rifles and demanding they join their cause.

Igbo Women’s War:

In 1929, Igbo women from the Bende District, Umuahia, and elsewhere in eastern Nigeria stormed in unity to the town of Oloko to protest Oloko’s Warrant Chiefs who were accused of restricting the acceptance of female roles in the government.

Rojava Revolution:

Even in 2016, Kurdish women fought, some of whom are still fighting, along side men to take back control of their home Rojava, Syria.

Here is the “list of uprisings led by women” that Wikipedia provided me with when I googled some of the “earliest feminists movements.” I stumbled upon gold. It was such a fascinating joy to read about what women can truly do when they’ve got a just cause ahead of them, and they fight sexism without being empowered by it. If only that logic wasn’t something today’s feminist movement has lost. If only the feminist movement wasn’t slowly losing logic completely.

Don’t get me wrong. I won’t shout feminism is cancer at young girls in crop tops and insanely short shorts on college campuses, but there is accuracy in comparing feminism to cancer and I do believe a cancerous tactic has infected the feminist movement: fighting sexism with sexism. It’s not enough to just point out when one male is acting misogynistic, but you have to call out the entire male population – even your own sons. Modern feminists hope that if enough women wear kitty hats, dress in vagina cosplay, and call themselves nasty women, maybe they’ll be heard. It’s a ridiculous belief that is fueled by the need to be fighting for something.

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Photo Credit: Sarah Silbiger

But what are they fighting for? Votes? No, we have those. Equal pay? Maybe. But that really all depends on how you look at statistics in specific degrees and certain careers. Healthcare? Well, some might consider the Republican chatter of defunding Planned Parenthood a threat to women’s healthcare, but that’s only those who consider a “health” organization a place that sells Plan B pills faster than they’ll refer you to a clinic which can actually provide you with a mammogram (because they can’t provide you one themselves). Even without PP, women will still be taken care of, just by nurses less enthusiastic about relieving women of the burden of motherhood.

So what’s the fascination with feminism today? Is there some sick comfort in knowing, as women, we wouldn’t have to be a mother if we decided we didn’t want to be? Or is it just the security of knowing you can log into any social media website and automatically receive attention just for being a woman? Maybe there is some fun fighting for a government that will grant you your heart’s desires based solely on your biological anatomy. Maybe it’s the insecurity of knowing that men in general are physically stronger than women. Are we insecure because of our emotional differences? Men don’t feel as much as we do, so they must be insensitive jerks. All of these things play a role in the feminist mantra.

It’s not for votes, healthcare, or even rights anymore. Progressive feminism does not empower women, but instead victimizes them by using insecurity and entitlement to somehow make us feel superior when in reality we’re stuck with profanities written in marker on our stomachs and duct tape on our breasts, screaming at the wind and demanding the “right” to snuff a life out of our wombs.

Feminism has always been a war on society, but unlike the modern version, it was once a noble fight. But you can only gain so much ground against a problem by becoming the problem, and we’re seeing that play out today. God help the future generations of women who will be even more surrounded by the crippled feminist movement and the negative effect it has on our womanhood.

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