The Left’s New Fad: Anti-Semitism Masked by Anti-Zionism

Time and time again, leftists play the victim card and abuse intersectionality by manipulating the stereotypically oppressed groups into supporting their agenda. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that the Left has embraced and endorsed the Palestinian feminist, anti-Zionist, and anti-Constitutionalist Linda Sarsour, who also co-organized the Women’s March after Trump’s election and calls Zionism “alt-right.” Sarsour commonly claims “you cannot be a Zionist feminist.”

To the Left’s dismay, Zionism is not solely the idea of supporting Israel. Everyone has criticisms and admirations of many countries, so to label yourself ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ any country is sort of ridiculous. But if Zionism isn’t simply being “pro-Israel,” then what is it?

Zionism is the right to self-determination of the Jewish people, or the right to establish their own statehood and government. The U.N. article 80 states that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (commonly referred to as Palestine) are designated homelands for the self-determined Jews, and because there are over 20 established Arab states, there is no need for another independent Arab state in the former British Mandated Palestine. Furthering that statement, to create such a Palestinian state out of Jewish land would be illegal under the U.N. Charter.

But, if that is the case, wouldn’t opposing the right of the Jewish people to have their own state and erasing hundreds and thousands of years of Jewish history and international law for the sake of the Left’s political agenda be considered anti-Semitic? The answer to these questions is yes. To palliate their anti-Semitism, the Left claims that Israel is committing war crimes such as using “excessive force,” “illegal occupation of land,” “apartheid,” and “ethnic cleansing.” Leftists claim anti-Zionism is justified because the Palestinians are being oppressed by these “war crimes” and denied their right to establish a state.

But is Israel really committing these crimes, or are these fake cries that the Left has made up to justify the supposed oppressed? Let’s take a look at these accusations one-by-one.

The first claim: Israel uses excessive force

There are a few factors one must take into consideration when looking at the “excessive force” used by Israel. The first is where foreign aid is going. Israel is currently on a 10-year contract to receive an approximate 3 billion dollars a year. Israel uses this for research and development, advancement in STEM fields, and safety for its citizens. While the U.S. does give significantly less foreign aid to the Palestinian authority, it is justified in doing so given the destination of most of these funds. The Palestinian Authority has been proven to have been embezzling foreign aid to Hamas to buy rockets, make terror tunnels, and fund terrorism.

The result? Look at the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014. After kidnapping and murdering 3 Israeli teenagers, Hamas waged war on Israel. Using civilians as human shields, Hamas let over 2000 Palestinians die. Hamas dug tunnels under schools, Mosques, and hospitals in Gaza from where they fired rockets. Despite Israel dropping fake bomb shells to warn citizens of Gaza where they were going to fire missiles, Hamas ensured citizens in Gaza stayed put, allowing them to play the victim. With Israel’s high-tech defense systems and strict morals, they protected their citizens, only allowing 6 civilians to die. Hamas and the Palestinian authority used this disproportionate death ratio to turn the Left’s and media’s attention to the “oppressive Israel.” The false accusation of excessive force has demonized the only Jewish state as an oppressor, allowing for anti-Semitic rhetoric to take place.

The second claim: Israel is illegally occupying land

Occupation, can be dispelled with two major facts. Firstly, U.N. article 80 has already been established. It is illogical to claim a state is occupying land that it has the legal and historical right to. Furthermore, the 1907 Hague convention has established that a country may only occupy a different country that exists and is, therefore, able to be occupied. As the convention established, “The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.” And much to the Left’s dismay, the only time where the Palestinians ever gained administrative rights to any parcel of land was the 1995 interim agreement vis-à-vis Area A. This means that there is no state of Palestine to be occupied, but merely disputed land. The absence of an occupation creates a double standard against Israel, ignoring real occupations such as Crimea. This false accusation to advance a biased agenda against Israel is nothing but anti-Semitism.

The third (and most ridiculous) claim: Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing

In the past 20 years, Muslim, and Palestinian populations have doubled. This is quite the opposite of a genocide. Amidst using the mainstream media to cover one side of the conflict, the Left has been blinded from seeing the statistics. In fact, the only ethnic cleansing that is going on is in Gaza where Hamas is currently hunting and beheading all Christians. Another double standard and attempt to demonize the Jewish State.

Lastly, the fourth claim: Israel is an apartheid state

Apartheid is a legal term and is derived from the apartheid that occurred in South Africa, where the minority was controlling the whole country. In Israel, Arabs and Palestinians are in the minority so the term cannot apply. There were laws placed to empower the minority and to almost imprison the majority. Arab-Israelis hold office in the Israeli government, and there is not a single rule that applies to one person over another in the country. Israel is a democracy. In fact, it’s the only democracy in the Middle East, so to claim otherwise is just another attempt to demonize Israel for the sake of fighting “oppression.”

There is no use of excessive force, no occupation, no apartheid, nor an ethnic cleansing taking place in Israel. These are all false claims against the Jewish state that are meant to slander and demonize the Israeli people because the Left is simply opposed to the Jewish state existing altogether. It is these excessive acts of attempting to delegitimize the state of Israel and the Jewish people’s right to self-determination that makes the claim of anti-Zionism inherently anti-Semitic. Sorry Leftists, your efforts of labeling people oppressed for your own agenda has flawed you.

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