The Truth About the Relationship Between Police And Black Communities

A picture is being painted by some of the media, as well as by radical groups like Black Lives Matter, that police officers are nothing more than racists who prey on the black community. However, these allegations do not comply with the facts related to the relationship with police officers and the communities in which they serve.

Now, I won’t get out ahead of myself. The first thing I want to address here is that there are, of course, some police officers that have prejudice and use their authority to oppress those in the black community. I think everyone can agree that it happens at times. I also think we all can agree that it’s horrendous when it does happen. However, an intelligent person should be able to understand that the actions of a few do not represent our nation’s law enforcements as a whole.

Unfortunately, many people characterize every cop as “racist” nonetheless. So why are police officers automatically racist in the eyes of many leftists? There is no single answer to this question, but I can tell you that it has nothing to do with the mythical widespread racism problem in our police forces. In fact, it’s almost entirely because of the high crime rates among blacks.

According to FBI statistics, blacks, who make up 13% of the American population, account for 53% of robberies, 28% of rapes, and 51% of murders. With these ridiculous crime rates, it only makes sense for police officers to cautiously patrol these communities, and it perfectly explains why we see more interaction between police and members of the black community.

Now, instead of blaming the police for such a disproportionate number of crimes committed, we should be looking at the reasons for such a high crime rate in the black community. Some believe that more funding to schools and better teachers would go a long way in helping battle the crime. Others believe that it may have something to do with the lack of nuclear families in the black community. For example, there are currently 72% of of black children with only one parent, while the rest of the United States is at 25%. Regardless of the reason, a narrative is being pushed that the focus should be on police being “racist” rather than just patrolling crime-ridden areas that happen to be majority black.

To help push their agenda, groups like Black Lives Matter will point out that there is a disproportionate number of blacks who are killed by police compared to whites. There is some truth to that considering 26% of people shot by police are blackwhile 50% of people shot by police are white. While the percentage of black people who are shot by police officers is twice the percentage of black people in the American population, the answer to this is quite obvious. Black people commit more violent crime, thusly they are more likely to engage in an altercation with a police officer. It’s not because of racism; it’s because of crime rates.

Black Lives Matter, as well as the Democratic Party, are pushing the false narrative that all law enforcement officers hold prejudice against people of color. They see those who keep the peace as a bigger problem than the amount of crime in black communities. Not only crimes like possession or selling illegal drugs, but violent crimes. Someone who is black is seven to ten times more likely to commit a violent crime than someone who is white. That is not the fault of the police. While debate continues as to why there is so much crime in the black community, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party need to look for a solution to the staggering number of crimes committed. Bashing the police who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe is not a step forward in battling this crime epidemic.


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