Charlie Gard and His Fight Against Socialized Healthcare

By now, Charlie Gard stands as a martyr for those against socialized healthcare.  

Charlie, is a ten-month old baby diagnosed with encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS), which causes a steady deterioration of muscle mass and brain damage. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) believed there was nothing else they could do for this child, as the condition is genetic and has no proven cures. His parents, wanting what every parent wants for their child, desired transferring Charlie to the United States for an experimental treatment and had gathered a great deal of monetary support to do so. But because of big government policies, a legal battle with the High Court in London and the European Human Rights Court ensued.

Ultimately, the family lost. In a matter of days, baby Charlie will hopefully be brought home and pulled off life support. And as they have the entire time, the family is still fighting the government just to do that, as they are seeking approval from the court as to where they may take their dying son.

The entire situation is sickening for a number of reasons.

1) This little boy had a fairly good shot at a successful treatment, had the U.K. not created a deadly delay of countless hoops to jump through.

2) Instead of allowing the family to make the decision, the state made a private and personal decision for the family. This is the same moral abomination liberals claim is made when pro-life laws and policies pass. When their precious socialized healthcare is at fault, no one bats an eye. 

3) Baby Charlie was not receiving treatment in the hospital for months, but was merely being kept alive. If nothing else, this is an inefficient use of tax dollars.

4) This family had arranged the financial means to provide and experimental treatment for their child in the United States, but were denied approval to move their baby to America- even though President Trump himself offered America’s help for this family.


Apparently, the U.K. government can tell families how and when to spend their privately collected cash.

5) While socialized medicine has helped poorer citizens, it stifles medical innovation (America is number one in the world in this category) that saves lives like Charlie’s. Yet another reason to stand against socialized healthcare.

6) The goal of healthcare is to save lives. Instead, the courts purposefully denied Charlie the possibility of treatment on the basis that he didn’t have a high enough chance of living. Thus, they knowingly allowed a child to die who could’ve lived if given proper treatment in a timely manner. This shows the horrifyingly low value they placed on his life.

7) It is not death with dignity if the child and parents are vehemently opposed to the death. It is not death with dignity if there is a possibility of treatment and the state decides this precious babe is not worth the trouble. It is not death with dignity if the parents raised the proper funds to fly the baby to a country who would be happy to treat him, but are rejected the chance to save their child’s life. It is still a horrendous death, caused by an terrible genetic condition, but a death aided and sponsored by the state. This is the natural, unfiltered result of socialized medicine.

Numbers 6 and 7 should be enough reason to oppose the court’s decision. There is no dignity in completely overstepping a family’s private decision and allowing a child to go untreated for months. The dignity held by the U.K. courts has certainly all but diminished. Regardless of your view of socialized medicine, we should all be disgusted by this gross overreach of governmental power resulting in perhaps a preventable death of a young child.

Charlie’s case represents a system so flawed – so unequivocally uncompromising, undemocratic, and unjust in regards to healthcare freedom – that the majority of Americans can come together and rally behind him and his family. Enough is enough. Under no circumstances should the government have the power to restrict a family’s efforts to save their child’s life. This is the effect of socialized healthcare, and we’re all witnessing its dangers firsthand.


One comment

  1. I just feel apart from the fact, that the EU Court can decide on your travel movement and right to live, EU has deliberately denied Grad the visa on the premises that EU no longer trusts America as an ally under Trump.
    The political differences b/w America under Trump( especially after Trump’s willingness to help save the baby) and the EU was re-invited in this particular incident; it was more of a statement from the EU that America cannot provide any better healthcare, especially under this administration.
    Besides if Grad had been cured in America, EU would have stood red-faced that socialized healthcare had not given good results,and the world would have seen that as a failure.


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