Debunking The Southern Strategy

In recent years, Democrats have convinced people of a wide variety of political backgrounds to accept a series of fraudulent narratives about the Republican Party without question. The Democrats have slandered the Party of Lincoln, which provided the votes to pass the Civil Rights Act and spent decades fighting for the rights of African Americans, by labelling them as the ideological successors of the Confederacy, the Klu Klux Klan, and the racist Democratic Party from 1860 to 1960.

They spread the false narrative that Republicans took advantage of the Civil Rights Act to employ the Southern Strategy, convincing racist Southerners to switch parties. Yet, the Democrats still promote the achievements of Democrats who shared these racist views. For example: Woodrow Wilson screened “Birth of a Nation” (a film that lionized the Klu Klux Klan, demonized African-Americans, and portrayed racist voter intimidation in a positive light) in the White House and effusively praised the movie after he saw it. Woodrow Wilson also resegregated a great deal of the government after his election. The Left’s dreaded Andrew Jackson played a role in founding the Democratic Party as we know it.  The man whose racism and lack of regard for human life spawned the Trail of Tears was unsurprisingly also a slave-owner.  Franklin Roosevelt, aside from his behavior towards African-Americans, decided to intern the Japanese during World War II, assuming that they would choose ethnicity over patriotism.

Woodrow Wilson defeated the party elites and forced the Democratic Party to adopt a more progressive vision. Franklin Roosevelt convinced the party to pass a slew of government programs, raised taxes to obscene levels, and granted previously unimaginable powers to the government. Andrew Jackson helped create the Democratic Party with Martin Van Buren.  These men are not aberrations from a glorious progressive movement.  These men are not the ideological predecessors of today’s Republican Party, but critical stepping stones for the progressive movement.

Democrats hypocritically assign their own sordid history to Republicans, but many conservatives have unfortunately accepted this narrative. However, PragerU pushes back against these claims, noting important inconsistencies in the narrative:

It is my hope that this video and this article will drive conservatives to question each and every myth that progressives use to smear conservatives and the Republican Party. We broke the Confederacy and freed the slaves. We amended the Constitution on behalf of those the Southerners enslaved (destroying the system the Democratic Party of the time protected), while occupying the South at great cost. We fought segregation, passed the Civil Rights Act, opposed President Johnson’s family-destroying welfare initiatives, and defended charter schools and other proven avenues of opportunity for impoverished minorities.

I take great pride in all of this and I hope that each and every conservative activist will realize that it is the followers of Jackson, Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, not the followers of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan, who need be ashamed. We continue to be the same Grand Old Party by eschewing identity politics, treating every individual as our equal created in the image and likeness of God, and not patronizing others with the bigotry of low expectations. The statements of young leaders in the party, from Ben Sasse and Tim Scott to Mia Love and Nikki Haley, suggest that our younger generation of elected conservatives are on the right path. And in spite of false liberal narratives and the alt-right temptation, we shall remain that party Grand Old Party so long as we remember who we are and where we come from. Be proud of your history. We stand on the shoulders of the breakers of chains.

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