Lena Dunham Reports Flight Attendants for Being “Transphobic”

Last Thursday, Girl’s actress, Lena Dunham, decided to covertly interject herself into a private conversation between two American Airlines attendants. Instead of addressing the attendants directly, she took to Twitter to air her grievances.

She reached out to American Airlines in a series of tweets, stating:



American Airlines actually responded to the actress via direct message on Twitter. Lena shared the replies with her followers:


Lena might as well have deputized herself as a leftist secret police officer. Instead of addressing the attendants directly, herself, she targets them for reprimand. It is an act of cowardice. Her behavior resembles that of a first grader tattling to a teacher. This performance on Twitter is petty drama in order to draw attention.  It is meaningless virtue signalling.

American Airlines publicly stated with Fox News that they were “unable to substantiate” Lena’s account of the incident.

The fact that Lena felt she had the right to regulate and shame people for how they chose to think and talk is extremely repulsive. It flies in the face of the right to free speech and free expression.

Ms. Dunham has every right to express her opinion, which is why she should not make a point of targeting others for their opinions. Either everyone can have an opinion or the liberty to do so is diminished for everyone.

Furthermore, although we do not know what, if anything, the flight attendants really said about transgender people, the remarks that supposedly angered Lena were probably just logical observations. Giving a child sexually-transitional treatment is medically dangerous and physiologically harmful. The left attempts to gloss over the side effects that often arise from such treatment. The child definitively becomes sterile. If the sexual identity confusion was prompted by psychological trauma, that trauma induced delusion goes unaddressed. This could compound symptoms of mental disorders. It is in no way healthy or beneficial to treat a child in this manner.

Ms. Dunham continues to do a disservice to the claims she wants to advocate for. Instead of sniping people she disagrees with from #acrossfromthewinebar, she ought to #mindhermanners by staying out of other’s business. She may have opinions, but demanding that others adhere to them is equivalent to crafting one’s own morality and force-feeding to everyone around them. It is far from decent.


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