Diversity Debate: Individualism & Liberty Vs. Alt-Right Collectivism

On Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, The Rouser’s founder William Nardi debated James Allsup on the importance of diversity, with Will arguing for its importance and James against. Both sides became heated when they couldn’t agree on what the argument was about. Nardi stuck to debating the immorality of entho-nationalism, which Allsup could not defend against, so he instead focused on relying on statistics to say different races were biologically superior to others.

The entire issue began when Will Nardi tweeted the following:


Nardi supported his belief that diversity is our strength by explaining that the varieties of people, opinions, and experiences make up the beautiful, unique, and competitive components of this country.

Allsup countered that the country was explicitly a place for citizenship that was restricted to free white men of good character until 1924, as that was the general standard for men at the time. An important factor Allsup did not mention was during the time of the Founders creation of a new government, white men were given citizenship, but women were supposed to be included as well. However, this was tossed aside.

Nardi commented on Allsup’s statement about the classic prejudiced and racist requirements of citizenship, saying we have moved away from those views to understand other cultures.

Allsup believes allowing different cultures to express themselves in America won’t work in this country. He tries to back up his argument saying migrants won’t benefit Americans, nor put America first as millions of people today are still fleeing from tyrannical governments that escaped from war or persecution.

Nardi consistently called him out on the rash generalizations Allsup was making of entire groups of people, and his conflating of race and politics. Asking whether Allsup would allow a libertarian Muslim to come to this country since they share the same beliefs, Allsup said no because he felt that it would threaten Western society.

When Nardi asked Allsup to define the Western tradition he cherishes, he replied a “Greco-Roman culturally Christian” society. Nardi claims that without a belief in God, Allsup was arrogantly asserting his tradition over those of humans with equally inherent value. More on that in the video below:

America is known for the promise of opportunity, a country built under a system for individuals to thrive and not be suppressed by the confines of their birth. It’s time James Allsup wakes up and realizes that his views are barbaric and would be better left in the past. Views evolve for a reason, but the alt-right just can’t seem to get that through their heads.

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  1. We have to mass import muslims to float Monsanto’s impending bankruptcy, prolonging this fattening period before the famine of the age.


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