Conservatives Will Never Unite With the Alt-Right

Tensions were high this past Saturday in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, where alt-right marchers had multiple violent encounters with counter-protestors, resulting in numerous injures and the death of one 32-year-old woman.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the alt-right is an extreme political movement that holds ethno-nationalist views, believing that white people deserve a country where they are ensured to be the majority, if not the only race living there. They consider race a “foundation of identity,” and believe that race and culture are intertwined. The alt-right also believes whites are being procreated out of society, and therefore, want to “secure their existence and uniqueness and promote their own development and flourishing,” according to the alt-right’s official website.

In the simplest of terms, the alt-right is afraid that ‘American culture’ will cease to exist if white people aren’t in charge. This is their foundational belief.

In the alt-right’s desire to persuade members away from, and ultimately takeover, mainstream conservatism, the movement held a rally entitled ‘Unite the Right’ in Charlottesville, Virginia, a city rich with controversy in recent months for their display of Confederate monuments and Confederate-named parks. The rally aimed to promote their white-nationalist cause, as well as show their opposition, who they feel is attempting to silence them, that they won’t be intimidated.

Hundreds of young white men arrived at ‘Unite the Right’ with chips on their shoulders, hoping to strike a chord with other young white men who feel out of place or demonized by the anti-white rhetoric coming from many members of today’s Left. In fact, the Left should be held responsible for their role in strengthening the alt-right. Their hostility towards white men has given the alt-right the opening it was looking for, allowing them to feed on these men’s frustrations and use their mutual marginalization as a tool of recruitment into their hateful ideology.

It is important to note that the term ‘alt-right’ isn’t necessarily indicative of someone’s beliefs. Though there is a true alt-right, the name has become sort of an umbrella term for anyone on the right who is against SJWs and the establishment Republicans, making it hard to determine who is actually a white-nationalist and who isn’t. In fact, when I first heard of the alt-right I believed that I was one of them. However, listening to conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro helped me realize who the real alt-right was, leading me to abandon that ship immediately.

The alt-right’s ideology has been likened to the Nazi’s, which is not too far off considering their obsession over race, rampant anti-Semitism, and collectivist approach to recruiting. And like the Nazis, the alt-right is inaccurately characterized alongside conservatives, though they hardly hold any the same principles. Just watch this video alt-right leader Richard Spencer praising socialism and universal healthcare, two exemplary ideas of the far-left.

In a nutshell, I do believe the alt-right are Nazis without the murderous aspirations, at least from what I’ve seen. I don’t dare dig too deep into alt-right nesting areas in fear of my name being listed among those heathens, so if there is some underground genocidal members of the movement, I have not seen nor heard of them.

However, this does not mean that their ideology isn’t abhorrent enough as it is. The alt-right deserves all the scorn it receives, and then some. As a man who values freedom and individual liberty over all things besides God Almighty, I consider their movement a flesh-eating bacteria that’s been forcibly inserted into the body of conservatism, harming a host that they shouldn’t even be grouped in with in the first place. Therefore, this movement must be fought at every corner. Just as the Right has opposed the far-left’s recent advances, we must also oppose this dangerous ideology that the alt-right holds.

This is the next battle conservatives must prepare for, because if we continue to stand by and let these white-nationalists recruit more members, not only will the good conservative name continue to be mixed in with their hateful movement, but the freedoms of our non-white brothers and sisters will be in danger.

The ideological fight against the alt-right has just begun, and each person, Left and Right, needs to know who they are, what their ideology consists of, and how they entice young white men into joining them. It is important to be familiar with this group so that we know how to defeat them. Therefore, I recommend everyone read this article by the Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles, who provides a thorough overview of the alt-right and their beliefs.

Though the alt-right, with the help of the media, exaggerates the actual number of people that believe in the ideology, any number higher than zero is too many.

If any white men are reading this and aren’t sure how you feel about the alt-right and their movement, I vehemently urge you to be vigilant and not to get swept away by their tactful rhetoric. They know exactly how to entice people who are on the fence about the group, and they feed on the resentment of young white men who have been shamed for being white, which has become a regular occurrence in past years. This group is nothing more than a hateful movement of anti-Semitic, race-baiting, bigoted bullies who are more than happy to use the young men they lure for their own malicious benefit. Like the Klu Klux Klan, the alt-right wants you to feel deep hatred so they can keep manipulating you into following their agenda. Don’t fall into their trap. Be cautious of anyone who seems to be using collectivist rhetoric to persuade you into joining their group. If it feels like someone is trying to sell you something, they are. And what their selling isn’t worth a flaming bag of dog crap.

In retrospect, ‘Unite the Right’ did in fact unite the Right, just not the way the alt-right had planned. Each faction of the Right and their politicians came together and denounced this hateful ideology, something the Left refuses to do with Antifa or Black Lives Matter, and proved that conservatives really do value their principles over politics. Through all the finger pointing and vitriol, conservatism stood tall this weekend, showing the alt-right that they will not be tolerated among any right-wingers, while also showing the Left what being principled looks like.

The alt-right called the rally a ‘turning point for white people in America.” I disagree. This was a turning point for conservatives in America.

Good for conservatives. Good for America.

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  1. Conservatives must unite in denouncing the Altright.. Altright = National socialists = Nazis… We must say no and shine the light on these cockroaches.. For cripes sake a Nazi is running unopposed for Congress in IL, Arthur Jones is a Nazi not a conservative Republican, but the the media will try and link him… Please for the love of God will someone in IL please run against this clown!


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