The Problem With the Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Charlottesville

It was horrible, I’m not going to deny that. The absolutely hateful idiocy on display at Emancipation Park on Saturday was incredibly infuriating and truly evil.

But congratulations to the mainstream media who have successfully given these psychotic maniacs a major platform to spread their horrible message. Well done. I hope you’re happy.

And I bet you are.

These crazy Klansmen and Nazis want media attention. If the media and the rest of the world had completely ignored what happened this weekend, then the alt-right would have accomplished nothing. Instead, millions of Americans have been riled up against this “great threat” of white supremacy in our society, when in reality this group is only perpetuated by an insignificant minority that shouldn’t receive nearly the amount of attention they’ve been given. But since fear sells, that’s what the media is giving us.

In covering a relatively small protest of around a thousand people, the narrative has been pushed by the media that everyone who is a conservative and voted for Donald Trump is a racist, white-supremacist. That anyone who is on the Right is just like the people that rioted in Charlottesville on Saturday.

But that was the goal all along, wasn’t it? The Ministry of Propaganda of the Democrat Party, led by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, has given significantly more media coverage to this small group of idiotic Nazis than they do to the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters at the March for Life, which draws around 400,000 people every year. And those are the low-ball estimates that are oftentimes exceeded significantly.

But the media hardly ever talks about that. Why? Because they’re peaceful and the media knows that abortion is indefensible, yet they try to paint it as if the vast majority of people support killing babies. Yet, there actually IS a large number of pro-life individuals. In fact, they are the majority, not the minority. So, again, why does the leftist media cover a small rally of inbred lunatics who want to create an ethno-state, but refuse to cover a huge gathering of pro-lifers for a just cause? Because hate sells, and the truth smells.

But when it comes to white-supremacists, they have to go over the top in exaggerating their numbers. Why? Because the more they paint this insignificant minority of racist whack-jobs as the 60 million people who elected Donald Trump, the more people are going to attribute the Republican Party with racism and bigotry. This is a common tactic of the Left, and it’s absolutely despicable.

When the Fake News Media at CNN repeatedly posts headlines saying “Trump — once again — fails to condemn the alt-right, white supremacists,” it just proves that the propaganda machine is in full swing. They don’t care about the truth. Their goal is simply to paint all Trump voters as racists, accuse Trump himself of being racist, and guilt people into voting for corrupt Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

But the more name-calling and race-baiting that goes on, the more people are going to be driven to the extremes, and the result is what happened in Charlottesville.

Our country is becoming a war zone and the media is feeding it. The violence that broke out in Charlottesville would have never happened if networks like CNN and MSNBC hadn’t given them a platform to spread their horrible ideas and trigger emotional responses from those who think it is their mission to physically attack people with whom they disagree.

When people are afraid, they tend to become more emotionally unstable, which leads to more aggressiveness and protectiveness. When the media and leftist politicians are claiming that there is a resurgence of white supremacy in this country, they are looking to incite panic because it gives them an excuse to expand the power and influence that they already have over the culture.

We have a duty to refuse to be baited into these confrontations. We can’t let the media win in their quest to destroy liberty in America. This battle will only be achieved through education and the ballot box. Simply telling the truth can be frightening in times like these, but humanity is drawn to the truth, so long as there is a place to find it. Conservatives are that place, and we need to prove this to each American citizen in order to break the mainstream media’s intellectual vice grip in which millions of Americans are entrapped.

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