The Rising Tide of Anti-White Racism

America is rapidly becoming an indecent nation. The once virtuous society that America was is now falling prey to radical leftists who have created a culture of intolerance. We are all aware of the modern-Left’s asinine demands for safe spaces, President Trump’s impeachment, and imaginary rights to commodities. But the most striking aspect of the modern day Left is certainly their newfound love of racism against white people.

To fully understand the Left’s justifications for their anti-white racism, one should read this article. Essentially, the author’s main argument is that black people cannot be racist due to the horrendous situations that their ancestors went through. In other words, the author believes that the root of racism is not being prejudiced, but being in power. The argument does a good job of undermining itself by insinuating that the Ghana kings who rounded up the natives and sent them with the Europeans were racist as well. It would also mean that Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, or any other dictator would be a racist, but here communist-loving leftists decide to ignore their own logic, therefore undermining their own argument. But who are we to believe that the Left will ever correct themselves? Racists on the Left not only believe that their racism is justified, but that they’re eminently correct.

The racist Left has made it quite clear that they want to quell the voices of Caucasians. We all witnessed their rage against the Evergreen College professor and their demand that all white people leave for a Day of Absence. To leftists, white people, by merit of their own existence, pose as some kind of dire threat to the very existence of minorities.

But the Left’s culture of racism extends far beyond the college classroom. Democrat Sally Boynton Brown made it clear in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Debates that she wants white people to be shut down. How’s that for voter outreach? In addition, the current Deputy Chair of the DNC Keith Ellison wrote a column calling the United States Constitution “the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.” Now that Ellison holds a high position in the Democratic Party, it is clear that their current platform has openly adopted anti-white hate. It is also quite clear that Democratic activists seek to punish white people for having a dissenting opinion.

Even the New York Times has fallen under this same toxic trend. Recently, they published an article complaining about the amount of time white men are shown talking in movies. The racism of left-wingers now extends to the boundaries of individual liberty. It is one thing to have a negative opinion of an ethnic group, but it is a whole other thing to have a desire to violate their personal rights. Casting directors and screen writers have every right to choose whom they want to star in a movie that is privately funded. However, leftists simply do not care to educate themselves in the values of personal liberty and property; they just want everything to meet their own selfish standards.

What I continue to find most troubling is that leftists love to call dissenting voices racist or bigoted, yet they are guilty of being precisely that. Even more disturbing is the fact that being prejudiced towards white people is becoming more and more socially acceptable. There is no denying that racism towards black people is entirely reprehensible, as is racism towards asians, latinos, and all other ethnic groups, and that includes caucasians.

I will undoubtedly be seen as a “white ally” or an “uncle tom” just for writing this. But regardless of the left-wing hate I will surely receive, I believe that as conservatives, we need to continue being allies of individual liberty and tolerance, while fighting the Left’s incessant racism towards our white brothers and sisters. Any racism is reprehensible, and white people are not immune from that fact.

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