Activism: Used and Abused

It all started with Robert E. Lee. Most surprisingly, however, we are not talking about Robert E. Lee’s corpse, his grave, nor his actions, but rather a statue of him that was recently trending online along with other Confederate monuments. After the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, there have been an increasing number of disgruntled individuals rallying to tear down Confederate monuments. In recent weeks, some have been torn down, defaced, and vandalized. These unjustified actions, while righteous to some, are eviscerating American history, and it’s all being committed in the name of advancing a misguided political narrative.

Whether one believed in the South’s failing causes or not is besides the point. Today, slavery is illegal in this country, the same rights are guaranteed to all American citizens, and we all are granted the opportunity to improve our lives the way we see fit.

The Left, through their disdain of the existence of the alt-right, have attempted to smear Republicans as racist counterparts to this volatile group of individuals. However, if one happens to be knowledgeable of historical precedent, they would know otherwise. It was, in fact, a Republican administration that freed the slaves and defeated the South’s short-lived rebellion. It was Republicans that unanimously voted in favor for the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, and it was Democratic justices on the Supreme Court that decided the Dred Scott case. Republicans, contrary to the Left’s narrative, do not support a party that advocates for a racist agenda. Instead, they believe that everyone is entitled to their freedom without the coercive powers of government interfering.

The debate over confederate statues must be specifically mentioned in this article because it was purported that tearing down these monuments would be a justified attack on racism. However, this narrative seemed to become lost in translation when Chicago thugs torched a public bust of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican President mentioned above who, along with his administration and countless American lives, set the slaves free. The man whose presidency ended the slavery of African Americans entirely had one of his monuments defaced. Seems pretty ignorant, right?

The actions of those advocating for the removal of Confederate statues conflicts with the one inherent right that the American people hold in the highest regard: the right to freely assemble and petition the government. In all truthfulness, everyone wants to be an activist. In fact, I believe that using your voice and platform as an outlet for your passions and beliefs is great. That’s what the proverbial spotlight is for. That’s activism’s use. But, with freedom comes a certain level of responsibility, and activism can quickly deteriorate into abuse. Abusing your power, your right to protest, and a platform society has given you to intimidate others and subvert the democratic process are entitlements you have no claim to. Using these methods to encourage false narratives, break the law, or the most despicable: to encourage civil unrest, becomes abuse.

Now, we can discuss activism in the form of groups. You recognize the most basic groups like the various feminist organizations, PETA, environmentalist conglomerates, etc. But, what other activist groups has 2017 brought us? We all saw the cringe worthy display of white supremacy in Charlottesville from the self-proclaimed “alt-right.” But who else has established prominence in this day and age? Well, that would be the not so self-proclaimed “alt-left” (because apparently it doesn’t exist), also known as Antifa, infesting Berkeley’s campus and terrorizing the nation. Yes, no mater how many times Chelsea Manning tweets to the scoundrels “#wegotthis,” Antifa is still an infestation.

Despite popular belief, one isn’t a fascist if they choose to reject the illegal and dangerous behavior of this particular “anti-fascist” movement. This week, Antifa thugs have terrorized Berkeley, and the Daily Caller has gathered footage here. These individuals are extremely violent, extremely dangerous, extremely bigoted, extremists. Key word: extreme. In case you didn’t catch it.

Antifa, and their anti-fascist friends, do not engage in activism, but instead abuse the rights afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution. They create tension where there is none. They wear masks. They challenge our peace. They hurt our nation. They claim that their solutions are the only correct ones while everyone else’s are invalidated, and supposedly this is what “protesting fascism” looks like. Hopefully, any reasonable person that claims to love this country can answer this question: Is Antifa’s fascist behavior peaceful/justifiable? If your answer was anything other than ‘no,’ you may need to reconsider your position. Violence is neither necessary nor acceptable when it comes to protesting our government or trying to enact change. Clearly acting in accordance with fascist principles, Antifa’s abuse of activism is not only an embarrassment to our nation, but it’s also a slippery slope that will destroy American society as we know it.

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