The Case for Austin Petersen

This past fourth of July, liberty activist Austin Petersen announced his campaign for Senate in 2018, making him a serious contender to take on Claire McCaskill in the state of Missouri. What makes his Senate run particularly exciting is that he is the first 2018 candidate to take a staunch pro-Constitution stance. Coupled with this position is his transition to the Republican Party from the Libertarian Party, which affords him access to a much larger audience. Of all the current Republican candidates for 2018, Petersen is the only one who espouses a clear pro-liberty platform and presents an opportunity to unite conservatives and libertarians alike. For 2018 and possibly subsequent elections after, I contend that Austin Petersen deserves the support of all liberty-minded Americans.

First and foremost, Austin Petersen has values and policy proposals that all libertarians and conservatives can get behind. His passion for retaining the integrity of our Constitution makes him a candidate that most right-wingers will support. If Petersen is elected to the Senate, he will prove to be a vital tool for the liberty and conservative movement, and will serve as a strong conservative check against those who stray from party lines. Additionally, Petersen’s victory would usher in a period where liberty and conservatism have more of a voice in tax and healthcare reform that will confront big-government Republicans, who have no desire to truly limit our government, protect our Constitution, and respect individual liberty.

Secondly, Austin Petersen presents a great opportunity for Republicans to reinvent themselves. The GOP’s current image is one of a party that has obstructed, rather than reformed, for the past 8 years, and when finally given the chance to govern under the Trump administration, they fail miserably to enact meaningful legislation. Unlike many other candidates, Petersen has promised to not become a politician, but rather a statesman. I believe that if Petersen is elected, he can bring Republicans back to the party of Abraham Lincoln, which was a party concerned with abolishing slavery and upholding the constitutional rights of all Americans. Petersen’s victory will send a message to the establishment Republicans that Americans are truly tired of broken promises, and want representatives that will make the GOP great again by fighting for the very principles that our party was built upon.

Thirdly, when discussing Austin Petersen, many forget his surprisingly young age for a candidate (36 years old). If utilized correctly, Petersen’s youth has the potential to attract a younger audience that will serve as a solid base for future elections. Furthermore, a youthful voting base will almost certainly get out to vote, which is what we saw with Bernie Sanders’ young voting base. Becoming a mainstream icon with the youth is key to the future of American politics, as millennials will soon be the largest voting group in America. If conservatives and libertarians want to preserve their ideas in Congress, then convincing the youth of accepting conservative/libertarian legislation and respective ideological measures is a pivotal first step. Luckily, Petersen’s youth will certainly appeal to those millennials who are sick and tired of the Left and status quo government as a whole.

Lastly, if you are still not convinced with Petersen’s potential for election, just remember that past candidates have ran on his exact platform, and experienced tremendous success. Thanks to campaigns from the likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Thomas Massie (just to name a few), liberty is now incredibly mainstream among Republican voters. And let us also not forget that disapproval of Trump among conservatives and libertarians will certainly convince many people that a principled candidate is necessary. I firmly believe that if Austin Petersen taps into the commitment of principled Americans, then a victory in 2018 is a real possibility.

Overall, Austin Petersen is a candidate who not only represents the future of the GOP and the Liberty Movement, but also the future of all politically active Americans. His Senate run will inspire countless millennials to become involved in politics and make a tangible difference in our country. If Austin Petersen can gather widespread support from conservatives and libertarians, then more of the youth will undoubtedly want to join our movement. Let’s face it, intellectual right-wingers are getting older, so it is crucial that we finally start canvassing and petitioning the youth–and there is a lot of potential out there. We can talk all day about the utter insanity of the Left, but the reality is that we are not actually winning the cultural battle. Most millennials are leftists, Hollywood is leftist, and colleges are leftist entities. When faced with this overwhelming opposition, conservatives and libertarians all too often stand by on the sidelines, poking fun without actually confronting this leftist ideological takeover. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we turn our ideas into results. We must support Austin Petersen, so he can achieve election and work with constitutional, conservative Republicans like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in order to pass meaningful legislation and promulgate liberty once again. Petersen is the candidate that will be a leading force in taking back the youth and our country. I have already declared my support for Austin Petersen. Will you do the same?

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