Left vs Right: On Women

Let’s start off simple: empowerment versus encouragement. The phrase “empower women” is unequivocally the life mantra of every left-wing, self-righteous, and self-deprecating female. The very term “empower” implies we’re dealing with something weak. So while Conservatives listen to all the lectures, Twitter threads, and celebrity promos on why the Republican Party MUST be anti-woman, the Left receives a free pass to any scrutiny on their treatment of women. However, it is quite clear, based on the persistent call for female “empowerment,” that the Left’s real opinion on women is that they are all powerless and require benevolent help from self-glorified, liberal politicians.

Let’s get something straight: Women are NOT born weak. Therefore, we don’t need ridiculous narratives and completely illogical agendas to “give us power,” as the Left so blatantly presumes. In a society that began and solely relied on more traditional views, it is crucial that women receive encouragement rather than derogatory “empowerment.” It is important to note here, however, that I am not assigning blame or fault to anyone that holds traditional views. There is nothing wrong with a woman being a stay-at-home mom, just as there is nothing wrong with a man being a stay-at-home dad.

I’m frankly tired of always hearing that women “need” power. Gender isn’t a power trip. Life is not a power trip. Nothing creates a victim better than labeling a person, group, etc. as someone who requires constant help and attention courtesy of some other entity. What women need in today’s society is encouragement, support, and confidence in the face of life’s unfairness and times of trepidation. These crucial characteristics are what the Republican Party offers to true feminist movements. It’s no impeccable victim card, but at least you don’t have to be a victim if you don’t want to be.

The Republican Party offers women positions where they can expand their influence and showcase their unlimited potential. Women on the Right have proven themselves to be genuinely successful and strong in the face of adversity. One needs to look no farther than Hope HicksSarah Huckabee Sanders, and Betsy DeVos. The Democratic Party, however, offers women pedestals from which they can thrive in their own insecurities by demonizing men and attacking women who don’t agree with them. Some notable individuals who currently occupy this figurative pedestal are Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris.

Look at Hillary’s blame game for instance: It’s absolute nonsense and an insult to all women. Constant claims of rampant misogyny? Sure, some men probably still don’t think women are capable of being a leader, but that’s not quite Hillary’s angle anymore. She’s now exploring a new reason why she lost: women who can’t think for themselves. What an interesting take from one of the most “popular” liberal, female politicians. It is amazing how so many women can get on board with such a degrading outlook on our sex, while the prospect of a man using a crude reference to female genitalia is construed as outrageously offensive. Instead, if the Left stops assuming that women are weak, the feminist movement and organizations like the Women’s March, in addition to Democratic nominees such as Hillary Clinton, will be able to claim true activism rather than making our sex looking like a bunch of attention-whores. Harsh? Maybe. But that’s the whole point: Women aren’t doormats. No matter how much the Democratic Party walks all over us in a patronizing fashion, we should not buy into their scheming tactics. They should probably attempt to do a little better than adopting phrases such as “nasty” to organize movements and unite women.

This is a cry to my strong sisters in politics and society in general: Do not allow yourselves to be used as pawns in a terribly misguided narrative that purports that we are somehow born powerless, or that we somehow owe our votes to a party based on our sex. When will Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party stop insulting our intelligence, strength, and independence? Probably no sooner than a popular vote winning the office (sorry Hill, not gonna happen).

Ladies, we ARE powerful, so don’t whip out that victim card. Be encouraged and encourage others, rather than assuming ultimate failure, because that’s how women succeed.

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