Free Catalonia!

Three cruise ships holding over 16,000 riot police sprang into action on Sunday as an overwhelming majority of Catalonia’s voted in favor of a referendum to succeed.

The men in customs stormed the voting stations, shooting rubber bullets, breaking glass, and using their baton on anyone that stood in their way.

They began to violently push voters out of the building, throwing them onto the ground, this included pets, young girls, and elderly women who were also dragged and beaten. The masked men proceeded to seize millions of ballot boxes, claiming it was unconstitutional.

Those injured not only included voters, but also local firefighters and police who clashed with the national police force in defense of the Catalan people.

Despite all this, with more than 840 people injured, Barcelona’s mayor Rajoy congratulated the police officers for their performance, while Spanish Diplomat, Alfonso Dastis said there was “not an extraordinary level of violence.”

After the polling places closed, Spain’s prime minister appeared on TV like a delusional kook, claiming no referendum took place, “The majority of Catalans obeyed the law and did not want to participate in the independent vote,” he said.

Prior to the vote, the Spanish government had seized nearly 10 million ballot papers, threatening to arrest voters and the President of Catalonia if the referendum went through.

The truth is that governments hate succession, they despise decentralization and localization. They panic when the people being governed begin to realize they don’t need them. Domination and centralized control is what breeds statism.

Historically this is nothing new for Catalonia. In 1931 Spain established a republic, overthrowing the monarchy of Alfonso XIII. Five years later, after the elections of the Popular Front, political turmoil broke loose. Franco and the fascist initiated a coup. The Republicans allied with the Anarchist in order to fight off Franco’s invasion, which was backed by the support of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Britain, and the U.S.

The Civil War lasted for 3 years in what was known as the onset of WW2. For three years, 8 million people, over 40 percent of Spain lived without a government or State.

One would think that under complete anarchy, society would spiral into chaos and violence with a crumbling economy, yet quite the opposite occurred; because of human’s spontaneous form of voluntary cooperation and mutual exchange, and more importantly due to the local institutions already in place, Spain flourished, socially and economically.

The Spaniards were able to simply render their government obsolete, replacing it with local community networks; as Chris Ealham puts it, through the “development of these reciprocal practices, forming the hub of a series of overlapping social structures and community networks through which the workers responded to the material problems of everyday life ‘from below.'”

No longer were taxes or the suppressive statist social paradigm an impediment to human growth. Government was no longer alive to infringe on the Spaniards liberties. Having all human associations be voluntary, Spain became the freest it had ever been.

The economy vastly improved, innovation spread like wildfire, with improvements in medicine and machinery. Social issues were no longer a problem, women gained rights they had never experienced before.

Sadly the anarchist and the Republicans lost to the fascist in 1939. Franco ended up ruling Spain with an iron fist until his death in 1972. This is why Spain still has some reminiscence of fascism. In the midst of the government’s attack on Catalonia, those in Madrid cheered on at the police response as they sang the Fascist anthem and gave the fascist salute. The real fascist came out yet Antifa was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully Catalonia still has a strong longing for independence and decentralization, giving us hope that the people of Catalonia will persevere and defend their human right to self determination. The brave men and women of Catalonia came out to vote despite the government’s threat; these are the people that Barcelona’s mayor Rajoy should be praising.

Moreover similar to today, during the Civil war of 1936, world leaders united in opposition against Spain’s self governance. Due to Commercial interest, the United States joined forces with the Fascist and the communist in Soviet Russia to destroy the revolution. In defiance of the Neutrality Act, Roosevelt illegally broke an embargo in order to provide oil to the fascist, so they could continue their onslaught of the Spanish people, “the government pretended it didn’t know but of course they did knew,” said Noam Chomsky, “left wing press was reporting it, the government said they never heard of about it and of corse the media went along with the government, years later documents came out and they conceded it had been happening all along.”

Today the world leaders have also sided with the Spanish government, the Trump administration said it would stay neutral, that is until he met with the prime minister of Spain, “I think Spain is a great country, and it should remain united,” Trump said.

And while the EU constantly boast about democracy, they’ve also been opposed to the independence, “what kind of democracy steals ballot boxes” asked Vice President of Catalonia.

Worst off you even had “liberal” platforms like Google in on it as well, helping the Spanish government by censoring voting location apps.

Unbeknownst to most, part of the reason that the people of Catalan want to break off from Spain is because they pay a disproportionate amount of taxes to Madrid, and they don’t get as much back. Catalonia tried to bring this up with the government of Madrid before, but they refused to talk.

Despite all this, Catalan is determined to become free; they have declared independence from Spain within 48 hours. Spain responded by saying it would not recognize the results of the referendum.

Because of events like these, the people are beginning to wake up and realize the violent nature that is statism. A worldwide trend of striving for decentralization is starting to become more clear, whether it’s Catalonia’s referendum, the Kurds in Iraq, or succession in Northern California, the people are sick of governments taking away their freedom, they’re starting to realize that they don’t need them in order to live.

And with the way we are connected now, with the advent of the Internet, government corruption and the media’s lies are simply harder to pull off. The more the government tries to repress the Catalan independence movement, the more popular and stronger it will become.

At this moment, I can’t help but think of Murray Rothbard’s famous quote,
“For centuries the State has committed mass murder and called it “war”; then ennobled the mass slaughter that “war” involves. For centuries the State has enslaved people into its armed battalions and called it “Conscription” in the “national service.” For centuries the State has robbed people at bayonet point and called it “taxation.”


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