The Dehumanization of Hyper-Sexuality

If you turn on your television, open the internet, and browse Netflix or some other entertainment streaming service, it won’t take you long to find a movie, TV show, or other video that can be most aptly described as softcore pornography.

The bar of what sexual content is acceptable for public viewing continues to fall. At one time you would be hard pressed to find anything other than a simple kiss in a movie. Now, full nudity is commonplace in many films and shows, and the envelope continues to be pushed.

Our society has lost respect for the inherent dignity of the human body and the powers of human sexuality, and this is the case everywhere. In the Middle East, women are treated as slaves and are required to remain covered at all times as the mere sight of a woman’s skin is deemed so scandalous that it may corrupt men. In the West today, women are treated as sex objects and this is somehow deemed empowering. Magazines like Cosmopolitan constantly encourage promiscuity, immodesty, and pornography consumption. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus advocate for more decriminalized public nudity for women as if this somehow makes women more “equal” to men or “body positive.”

It is time to recognize how pornography has destroyed the great gift of human sexuality and romantic love. It is time for us to recognize the harm that is being done to our society. We have become animalistic in our urges and we have forgotten why intimacy was originally confined to a marital relationship.

Human sexuality used to be the ultimate sign of love. Now it is treated essentially as sport. No one remembers what love truly means anymore. Before, love meant wishing the best for someone else and being willing to set aside one’s own desires for them. Now, it is a fleeting feeling of pleasure.

Our notion that we should be able to do anything we want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else’s well-being has led us to this selfish understanding of sexuality and the seeking out of sexual pleasure. We have destroyed the family, the foundation of stable society through our selfish desires to seek out whatever sexual pleasure we desire. What was once a uniting bond between a husband and a wife, is now merely a “good feeling.”

Hyper-sexualization is destroying our society, and I fear we may have reached a point where there will be no return without a collapse of our civilization.

The last time a civilization had this much sexual liberalism rampant among its people, it was the Roman Empire, who was greatest military in the world at that time, but was eventually conquered by barbarian tribes because of their societal collapse.

It is time for us to open our eyes to what sexualized media, the hookup culture, and pornography have done to our society. It must be blocked out and replaced by stable families that respect the dignity of humanity, sexuality, and espouse real selfless love for each other. Our very survival as a society depends on it.

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