All For One, And One For All

While most days it seems like the country is falling to pieces, corrupted by postmodernism and the regressive left, I’ve been blessed through my time in college to find refuge with the conservative and libertarian organizations that exist to help us through the struggle on our campuses.

At conferences, I’ve met some of my best friends— truly good people—whether Christians, Jews, Objectivists or anyone who shares common values with conservative policy preferences. The amazing part about our movement has always been that so many people can come together with one mission, and one goal–to preserve our freedoms and pass on the torch of liberty. While the entire country is deeply and painfully divided, our movement has done amazing work together and continues to defend our liberties.

Unfortunately, however, there are some among us who let our competitive spirit get the best of them, and seek to highlight themselves by putting others down. Whether through gossiping or taking more drastic measures to try to hurt others, this Roger Stone approach is hurting our movement and no one benefits from it. As of late The Rouser has been attacked in a similar manner, but I’ve been taught that the best way to handle any situation is to turn the other cheek.

As time goes by the leaders of these organizations are going to pass down the torch of freedom to us, and I think its time that we accept it as adults. That is why I reached out to some of our partner organizations on what advice they would give to young people.

On journalism ethics, Jennifer Kabbany, editor-in-chief of the College Fix had this to say, “For reporters — whether they are students or professionals — the same ethical standards apply: seek truth and report it. Try to get both sides of an issue and let the readers decide. Be honest and fair, don’t resort to hyperbole, and work hard.

Devon Mirsky, national director of PragerForce said, “In an era where we have a giant behemoth to combat, it is more important than ever for conservatives to work together and fight.  There is so much we have to offer each other and it’s important to support one other and highlight our unique specialities so we can combat the Left from all directions. As the old saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall.” We must not forget this, and that is why I encourage all my PragerFORCE students in Writers Squad to write for various publications including the Rouser who has shown a lot of support for PragerU videos as well.  It’s important we build each other up and grow each others skills and by doing so we can only be stronger and more effective.”

Morton Blackwell, President of the Leadership Institute had this to say, “Aim to build a movement, not an empire.  Don’t treat good guys like you treat bad guys.”

Finally, I’ll close with adding the words of my political inspiration, Ronald Reagan who once said, “If we ever forget we are One Nation Under God, we will be a nation gone under.




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