Professor Dubbed Alt-Right Architect Placed on Leave After Controversial Statements

The New Jersey Institute of Technology has placed lecturer Jason Reza Jorjani on administrative leave following an article in The New York Times that reported on highly controversial statements the educator made during a conversation with an undercover documentarian.

The Sept. 19 article reports on an extensive undercover operation into the alt-right’s leadership done by a Swedish grad student, Patrik Hermansson, a member of the Hope Not Hate watchdog group. The article embeds video taken by Hermansson that shows him talking to Jorjani about the movement’s end game.

“We will have a Europe, in 2050, where the bank notes have Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great. And Hitler will be seen like that: like Napoleon, like Alexander, not like some weird monster who is unique in his own category — no, he is just going to be seen as a great European leader,” Jorjani was recorded as saying at an Irish pub near the Empire State Building.

Jorjani did not respond to requests for comment from The College Fix, but he has written a long blog post titled “Why I Left the Alt-Right” saying the video was deceptively edited and puts that statement out of context.

Hermansson’s report dubs Jorjani the “architect of the Alt-Right Corporation,” which the New York Times article described as “an organization established to foster cooperation and coordination among alt-right groups in Europe and North America.”

Jorjani does not deny he was a founder of the Alt-Right Corporation, along with Richard Spencer, and referred to it as his “brainchild.” In this blog post, Jorjani said he resigned after the “comments sections of our website devolved into a cesspool filled by the most despicable pond scum, former 4-chaners who would routinely pile on in trolling attacks against me every time I published something with a bit of intellectual content.”

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