Win With Trumpism

The electorate has spoken loud and clear in recent elections across our nation, showing an obvious preference towards anti-establishment candidates which inevitably sent shock waves through the entrenched “swamp.” This reveals the immense popularity of the Trump agenda among the GOP voting base. The populace, through past election cycles, have revealed their unwavering predilections towards a system independent from the hands of career politicians. Instead, voters want elected officials that represent them and their interests, rather than the fanciful and exclusive interests of the establishment class.

The establishment should have anticipated the election of anti-establishment candidates quite easily based on past outcomes. Let us remember that President Donald Trump defeated 16 other GOP candidates in the 2016 presidential primaries, in addition to defeating the wretched and crooked Hillary Clinton. It’s time for the establishment to learn it’s not tax cuts for the rich that will win them enthusiasm and votes, but rather an emphasis on trade, ending nonsensical immigration policies, and building the wall, coupled with a strong but smart foreign policy.

In regions greatly affected by NAFTA and other trade arrangements, especially the southern states, Trump defeated Clinton resoundingly. A coalition massive opposition, which predominantly originated from blue collar workers, was directed towards unfair trade deals which would have continued under a Clinton presidency. Future potential candidates who proclaim to support unfettered trade, even if it means massive amounts of Americans losing their jobs, will in all likelihood face a challenger in that particular primary. A “Make America Great Again” approach to trade will put the interests of Americans before the debilitating interests of China and Mexico, and thus will be a winning platform.

On immigration, there is a general consensus that unfettered and uncontrolled entry into our country is having a negative impact on the economy and overall quality of life. Enthusiastic crowds rallied around Trump’s proposition of a border wall, a position which arguably propelled the him to the top of the Republican primary. A wall would help to end the flow of drugs, end human smuggling, and serve as a symbol that America is a country rather than a place of lawlessness. Opposition to these positions have been shown to be unpopular, as the case of Jeff Flake shows. The base wants someone who believes in a smart, pro USA immigration policy.

Finally, on foreign policy, the base is tired of nation building. They no longer want more wars to spread democracy, but rather only seek to defend vital national interests. This position undoubtedly helped to contrast the President with the Clinton neo-liberal brand of internationalism. If Republicans want to win the midterms, they should run on a Trump-like platform of ending seemingly endless wars and vowing only to authorize wars which serve to protect America or its interests.

As the midterms approach, Congress would do best to support the President’s agenda. Continuing the failed policies of the establishment and not responding to the interests of voters will result in likely primary challengers or the possible loss of these seats altogether. The base has spoken and revealed that there is an appetite for policies steeped in Trump’s populism. Globalist elitism will not sell. Americans want elected officials who desire to Make America Great Again.

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