I Is For Indoctrination

Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, most people think that young children should not be used as political pawns. At least they used to think that. Now, many people see no problem with exposing small children to pride parades and other adult-themed events where people run around in promiscuous clothing, or lacking to wear much at all. Throughout the 2016 election, several political ads surfaced that exploited children for political purposes such as the “Deport Racism” ad, where small children blurt out obscenities at the man who would later become our 45th president. It appears that the American public underestimates to what today’s young children should and should not be exposed.

During a recent trip to a bookstore, I came across a book clearly designed for children with the title, A is for Activist. I briefly flipped through it and could not believe what I saw. The book is basically a SJW version of Dr. Seuss’s ABCs. For instance, the “F” page contains a passage on feminism while the “L” page includes a little tidbit on LGBTQ. One can surely imagine what the rest of the book is like.

The book takes topics with lots of gray areas and paints them in black and white, and this exposure to mature and complicated topics such as feminism at such a young age destroys the innocence of childhood. Parents who expose their young children to this sort of material are taking away the most transcendent aspect of being a child, and they should feel ashamed.

Upon further investigation, I realized that plenty of other SJW children’s books also exist. This revelation tells me that the Left seemingly cannot allow kids to just be kids, but must begin to train their disciples at a young enough age to where they will find no dissenters. I guess General Kelly could have included childhood innocence in his list of things that are no longer sacred in this country.

The existence of SJW children’s books should not come as much of a surprise since the Left seems to have a vested interest in exposing children to adult topics as soon as possible. The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) publishes the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, which provides teachers with a framework for K-12 sex education. The drafters of the SIECUS guidelines see nothing wrong with teaching children as young as five years old about sexual intercourse and masturbation, perverting the American youth at younger and younger ages every year.

I have a hard time believing most parents, even liberals, would want their kindergartners learning about these topics. Thank God the schools that I attended did not follow the SIECUS guidelines. I did not learn about most of these topics until middle school – a far more developmentally appropriate time to teach such material. I find it quite strange that the same people who think children can’t handle the sight of politically incorrect or offensive Halloween costumes think that they are mature enough to learn about sex.

It has become clear that many on the Left want to turn the next generation into soldiers of the revolution at a very young age. If children decide to subscribe to progressive ideology when they get older, that’s fine. However, parents, no matter how adamant they are about their political beliefs, need to allow their children to enjoy their childhood before they eventually succumb to the political world.

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