Washington DC is Creating a Hotel for the Trump Resistance: Why This is Scary for Our Country

On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Washington, DC is creating the first “politically motivated” hotel, dedicated exclusively to the Trump resistance as a safe space.

The hotel will be completed in the spring of 2018 and will be called the Eaton Workshop, and will be complete with a custom-commissioned video art installation, perpetually broadcasting footage from the last two presidential elections, asking how the country got to where it is. There will also be fireside chats and lectures dedicated to progressivism, among many other attractions dedicated to leftism. Bloomberg addresses each one in detail.

Aside from the hilarity of this idea though, it is another sign that our culture is in decay and becoming more balkanized. It didn’t start with Trump. But it has been magnified.

For example, on the anniversary of Trump’s election, Leftists gathered all over the country’s major cities to scream at the sky.

No, I’m not kidding. This was supposedly in anger at the universe for giving them the “horror” of a Trump presidency.

However, this is evidence of a much more systemic problem in our culture, as I mentioned above. Our society has come to this, where we cannot have mature conversations as adults, and we retreat into our own respective camps as Left and Right, liberal and conservative, Trump and Never Trump, you name it.

Even something that should be as benign as free speech is under attack frequently. For example, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro is no stranger to campus protests and riots, especially when he spoke at the University of Utah, where two protesters were arrested, and where CRTV’s Steven Crowder outed Antifa organizers plotting pure chaos. A month earlier, Ben had to spend almost $1 million dollars on security when he spoke at UC Berkeley because Leftists didn’t like his opinions.

This happens to virtually every speaker on a college campus that isn’t an avowed Leftist. Take, for example, Middlebury College. Speaker Charles Murray, a social scientist who had the gall to say that data show that there may be a correlation between race and IQ in his book “The Bell Curve,” ignited such a large riot that one of the college’s professors was injured and hospitalized.

Although there is no question that this is predominantly a phenomenon on the Left, conservatives can learn from these incidents as well.

We can always remember that our society must be better. We must learn how to peacefully disagree with each other. And it is doable. But this must be taught and embedded into the culture. That will go a long way into restoring our civil society that is in grave danger of crumbling before our very eyes.

* Originally published on NOQ Report

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