Enabling Sexual Deviancy

There is something to be said about hypocrisy when a culture, that is increasingly pushing the envelope of what sexual activity is acceptable, becomes outraged over people engaging in sexually deviant behavior.

In my last article, I discussed the state of Western secular culture, which I labeled hyper-sexualized. The primary cause of this predilection towards sexual fantasies and the rise of sexual addiction is largely due to the excessive promiscuity that has come with the predominance of a “hookup” culture. Accompanying this moral perversion is a flawed and pretended notion of love that is in reality a much more immoral quality: selfishness.

In the past month, we have seen a tidal wave of sexual assault allegations and accusations of indecent behavior against many notable figures in the entertainment industry. This list is growing by the day, and includes popular icons such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Louis C.K to name a few.

More notable and prominent, however, are the allegations against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual advances against a 14 year old girl, assaulting a 16 year old girl in 1979, and pursuing 3 other girls under the age of 20 while he was 32.

There are two parts to what I’m going to say here that address both the Hollywood degeneracy and the Moore allegations.

Firstly, in terms of the Moore allegations, it seems discernible and apparent that he was pursuing these girls specifically to date them, which makes the allegations against him somewhat different from the Hollywood ones. This observation in no way excuses his alleged behavior, which is a point that I will explain shortly.

Secondly, I would like to elucidate that Weinstein and the other Hollywood types used their notoriety and power to impose themselves on impressionable women who were trying to get into the film industry and who realized that working with people like Weinstein increased their chances of doing so. Those in a similar predicament to Weinstein inevitably used their power to satiate their sexual desires. This is the main difference between Moore and the Hollywood pervs.

The outrage that has been triggered from the allegations against Weinstein, Moore, and Spacey, is purely circumstantial. There was no explicit outrage when these people were engaging in the behavioral allegations brought against them currently because the truth is, people don’t care about these things until they gain national attention because they themselves are pretty much committing the same unwanted actions.

There is much to be said about the state of sexual behavior in this country and the world. But there should be no surprise that this behavior is occurring, especially in regards to younger people. Most troubling however is the revelation that the most viewed category on pornographic websites is teen porn.

If people are constantly looking at borderline child pornography, and the activities within these pornographic videos show increasingly extreme behaviors, why on earth should people be outraged over a couple of Hollywood celebrities and a Senate candidate who behave in a creepy way with young attractive women?

It is incredibly hypocritical. We have hundreds of millions of people out there who are just as creepy as Weinstein and Moore. Fifty something year old men watching videos of 18 year old girls completely naked and engaging in sexual activity, hogtied to beds, all  in the name of “entertainment.” This is the world of sexuality that we have deemed normal.


Give me a break. This is just exploitation at its finest. How easy is it to convince an impressionable young girl, fresh out of high school, working a waitress job in some unnamed town in Wisconsin, to come down to Florida on a completely free trip to become a “model”? Not hard at all.

Canadian journalist Victor Malarek details how women are easily exploited in his 2004 bookThe Natashas, which details aspects of the global sex trade. In summary, numerous young women in pornography, especially from Eastern Europe, were duped by a lucrative job offer abroad and then sold into sexual slavery. Many of these women end up in pornography studios.  Malarek also makes the astonishing claim that the UN and even the U.S. military abroad are the consumers driving the sex trade.

America, and quite frankly the rest of the world, have no right to be outraged over the despicable sexual behavior of people in high positions. The current sexual addiction seen around the world is a monster that America and the rest of the world have created through the allowed proliferation of sexually explicit, and in some cases extreme, content. Hugh Hefner, Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey, Margaret Mead, and countless others all sold you a world where you were “liberated” sexually. And you bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood were allowed and encouraged to push sexual liberation through contraception and abortion which destroyed the true intimacy of sex. Without the potential consequences of conceiving a child, sex is now entirely about personal pleasure.

Alfred Kinsey and Margaret Mead sold a fantasy land where any sexual desire you wanted should be fulfilled and practiced, because it was impossible to desire something disordered. From this you started engaging in sexual behaviors that 100 years ago were considered despicable.

And when the true promoter of the sexual revolution, Hugh Hefner, trotted out a picture of Marilyn Monroe naked on the cover of Playboy, you ate it up. So much so, that you allowed Hefner to live a lavish lifestyle filled with every sexual desire he wished. Meanwhile, you became enamored with photographs of naked women in the name of “men’s health.” In the meantime, you learned to view women in light of such images and you fostered the growth of an industry that prides itself on deviating from sexual norms and plastering it all over the internet. Kinsey’s sexual paradise, it seems, has come true after all.

Our pornographic culture dehumanizes men and women, it corrupts minds, destroys relationships, and it is a breeding ground for exploitation. Every time you watch pornography, you are taking part in a culture that has normalized sexual deviancy. And the bar of what is acceptable sexual behavior keeps lowering, and will continue to do so if we allow it.

Take a self-reflective look in the mirror America. Your hypocrisy is palpable. Don’t think that Weinstein, Moore, Spacey, and C.K. are the only problem and that they are morally worse than you. We are the problem. Our culture is the problem. We have silently normalized this behavior and should quit being so tremendously surprised when it comes out.

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