No More Moore? Alabama Write-In Candidate Mac Watson Hopes So

As the allegations of sexual assault against Moore gain traction and his poll numbers slip, many conservatives are looking for someone else to take Roy Moore’s place. Mac Watson, an Alabama businessman, believes he is that man. With conservative principles, deep Alabama roots, and an optimistic vision for the conservative movement, he certainly brings a new and unique perspective on what he says Alabama politics really are.

Watson’s is a sixth generation Alabamian who claims that Moore is the epitome of stereotypical Alabama politics and that Moore does not hold the values that many in his state do. During an interview with Rouser, when asked how he felt about the controversy surrounding Moore, Watson answered:

“Roy Moore was a bad candidate before and certainly is after. He uses Christianity as a sword and a shield for being a racist, bigot, homophobe, and I don’t use those words lightly because I have been called those names for being a conservative. But, I don’t like him, I don’t like him now, and I didn’t like him weeks ago. I just hope that the women get closure, because it’s looking more and more likely that what these women have been saying, is true.”

If elected, Watson’s first concern would be focused on the bill that is already in the House, the ban on abortions after twenty weeks, which he thinks is a step in the right direction. Going further, Watson would do his best to fight for term limits and believes that if passed it would be much easier to shrink the federal government’s power because there would be less special interest.

Watson told The Rouser that he is not a Republican, but he claims to hold strong conservative views.

“I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me. They aren’t conservative anymore and Donald Trump is not a conservative.”

It is important to note that President Trump won the state of Alabama in the general election by a substantial margin and is still seen very favorably by the citizens of the state. This could play-out as a problem for Watson, as Trump’s base may not take kindly to his words. However, Watson’s biggest appeal to the voters is the fact he is not Moore and that Alabamians still believe that character matters when voting for an elected official.

Although the odds are stacked against him, Watson remains optimistic that his self-proclaimed “true Alabama values” have a chance to bring more people to the voting booths come election night. For anyone looking for a conservative to replace Roy Moore, you may have found your guy.



  1. This kind of garbage is why I’m not a “conservative,” at least not this kind, since only useful idiot bigotry pretends there are legitimate or valid accusations against Moore, making his detractors and those who fail to stand by him and defend him, as is the case with this article, despicable. If it weren’t so sickeningly hypocritical it’d be hilarious to hear fools claim “innocent ’til proven guilty” doesn’t apply in Moore’s case, something we can be sure they’d never say if their OWN ox was being gored. Hopefully Moore will crush his opposition and make fools of his vile detractors and their despicable proven forgeries and frauds (e.g. those exposed by the blog, Powerline) so conveniently timed suddenly, so many decades later, not the least of which is despicable McConnell in whose side we hope Moore is a very painful thorn causing permanent, deserved agony for his sellout party’s faithless abandonment of their constituency making vacuous promises they knew in advance they’d refuse to keep, Dem accomplices in their crimes.


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