When AI Becomes A Threat To Liberty

I have experience in the field of researching Artificial Intelligence. This includes being a 43-North Semi-Finalist, utilizing predictive analysis to mine cancer genomic case studies, and building decentralized hash protocols. When I proclaim that AI can be used to do great things that have the potential to greatly benefit humanity, I really mean it. The technology you can achieve with hierarchical learning outweighs many things humans are able to analyze alone.

Recently however, some people have been abusing the idea of AI for applications and proclamations outside understood conventional norms, which generally cover medical research or predictive analysis. Some people have decided to go a step further and worship AI. Manifesting this idea is Anthony Levandowski, who believes that there will become a time where the human race needs to “advance” and undergo a realization of an AI Godhead.

This may sound like science fiction, but Levandowski is actually serious. From a libertarian perspective, I obviously have a problem with that. The fact of the matter is that to implement something as powerful and far-reaching as an AI god would require both a globalist agenda as well as theocracy centered around some individual’s AI. If you were going to look at this with common sense, you would obviously view this as a utilitarian dictatorship.

Levandowski even implicitly declares the uprising of a utilitarian dictatorship throughout the article and explicitly in this quote:

What we want is the peaceful, serene transition of control of the planet from humans to whatever.

The utilitarian aspect is demonstrated through Levandowski’s beliefs: he purports that if society collectively believes something as a whole, then this commonly shared belief should outweigh the opinions of those who speak out against it. The dictatorship side is exemplified by the fact that you are allowing an engineer to create an AI that will purportedly determine the world’s belief system.

Another quote in the article confirms this as follows:

We would want this intelligence to say, ‘Humans should still have rights, even though I’m in charge.’”

We as a society should be utilizing technology in ways that don’t seek to restrain or control us. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision are technologies of the future. You can use them solve real world problems and global challenges. We might even one day find life on another planet or solve cancer as a result of an AI.

However, for an engineer to build an AI that he wants worshiped is particularly troubling in the realm of ethics, morality, and liberty. Furthermore, for him to suggest that we could, one day, dogmatically accept such a thing as an integral part of our society goes against liberty, ethics, and common sense. Technology has its benefits, but it also has its costs. We should be more pragmatic when it comes to analyzing this cost-benefit analysis, and should do all that we possibly can to ensure that our civil liberties, which our Founding Fathers codified in the Constitution for years to come, are not diminished and violated by an all-knowing, all-powerful, global AI.


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