Nation One News (Michael Moates) Recklessly Fabricates Attacks on Conservatives

Yesterday, the Nation One News Foundation, the second-run of the former Narrative Times News Foundation, published another attack article on conservatives, this time defaming a student publication, the Lone Conservative, and their founder, Kassy Dillon.

Reporting that “the organization founded by Kassy Dillon has attacked many figures such as Laura Loomer, Turning Point USA, Alex Jones, and Former FBI Director James Comey,” the author, Michael Moates, attempts to paint Dillon as a hypocrite for supporting principle over low-brow, incendiary activism tactics.

For example, Moates says its “ironic” that Lone Conservative published an article by Cameron Wallace, disapproving of a free market student group in which members “dressed up like babies wearing diapers, pacifiers, and childlike clothing to make fun of and show the ridiculousness of safe spaces on campus, showing that such things “are for children.”

Wallace, who says in the article “being mature is the only effective way to convince people,” argues that juvenile tactics are not what will make the conservative movement win. Wallace, along with student leaders nationwide, called on conservatives to exhibit appropriate character and respectful behavior while conducting their activism, not distasteful displays which would reflect poorly on their beliefs.

For Moates, however, it’s “ironic” that Dillon’s publication would criticize another conservative organization for going too far, claiming they go too far themselves.

Moates writes one example of “going too far” is when Dillon criticized another journalist, Laura Loomer, for boisterously interrupting an anti-Trump play.

“The only person playing a victim is the person who rushes onto a stage and then gets upset when they’re asked to leave,” wrote Dillon on Twitter.

Here Dillon and her publication represent consistency, not irony. Upholding their values of professionalism and propriety, they’re calling on all conservatives to be respectful, even when others are not.


The strange thing is that Loomer compromised the free speech rights of her political opponents by interrupting a private event, and Dillon pointed that out on principle. Here Moates claims that any news organization should not attack anyone for invoking their right to free speech. The real irony, or rather hypocrisy, is that his own article and news organization is attacking Dillon for invoking her right to free speech, while she was admirably standing up for her principles in the conservative movement.

Moates cites two other instances in which Dillon appears to engage in “ironic” behavior, when asking disgraced former FBI Director James Comey who his favorite Game of Thrones character was, and when a staff writer of hers poked fun at the most credible source of right-wing news, Alex Jones, for his Obama birther conspiracy.

Perhaps the most deceptive assertion Moates made was adding in a tweet from Dillon from over a year ago without contextualizing it.

“A conservative writer was briefly banned from Twitter on Monday after posting the exact message — word for word — as a liberal actress who was never punished for her tweet,” the Blaze reported.

The tweet, which states “You and your friends are bigots. If you don’t like me why the f*** do you watch let alone contact me. Kill yourself bigot,” looks bad on its own, but was not actually Dillon’s words, but a reposting of Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

Here Dillon proved an anti-conservative bias with Twitter–one which got her banned for posting words that were deemed acceptable for Leslie Jones.

Indeed, it seems strange that Moates and his organization would strategically create misleading arguments to attack nonprejudiced conservatives. Oddly enough, however, when asked whether he agreed with paleoconservative Nick Fuentes and white nationalist Richard Spencer, he said “I wasn’t sure how to answer that…. One thing I know for sure is they are not hurting anyone, and I support their right to free speech. I met Nick at the Leadership Institute over the summer and he is a nice guy.”


When the alt-right rages war on conservatives, we see Moates, who claims to be a member of the White House Press Corps, is more than willing to join them resorting to sophistry or a reckless disregard for the facts for his tabloid style journalism. Yes, there is fake news out there, and it’s weaved its way into the White House itself.

Rouser News has not yet received comment on if Dillon will be joining a class action lawsuit against the Nation One News Foundation for their blatant and continual disregard for journalism ethics.

UPDATE: Moates responded to my email this afternoon stating:

“I disagree with the stated target. I addressed some concerns I had in an op-ed. Kassy Dillion and her organization have consistently harassed and targeted people from Turning Point USA to Former FBI Director James Comey. This is not good journalism ethics especially for an organization that claims to report the news. I did reach out to Lone Conservative for comment. They did not respond. I have no affiliation with the alt-right. I have not participated in any events, talked with anyone, or joined any organizations. Your theory is based off a single Facebook post from when I met Nick at the Leadership Institute over the summer.”

UPDATE: The Lone Conservative maintains they were never reached out to for comment.

UPDATE: After receiving a DMCA takedown notice over a “copyrighted image” we have replaced the cover photo with a leftover image that in no way reflects on Michael Moates.


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