An Interview With California Republican Candidate Antonio Sabato Jr.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Antonio Sabato Jr., a Hollywood actor who is running to represent the 26th Congressional District in California. In the interview, Mr. Sabato and I discussed  his campaign, his experiences as an immigrant, and about the recent Hollywood sexual abuse scandals that have recently emerged.

Mr Sabato is a beloved actor and Calvin Klein Model. He has appeared in famous shows such as General Hospital. In 2016, he was inspired by soon to be President Trump and his promises to Make America Great Again, to where he began to speak out about his political views. Due to his outspoken views on being a conservative and being an actor in Hollywood, he has been “blacklisted” by Hollywood. On May 8th, 2017, he filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Committee to run for the 26th Congressional District against Democrat Julia Brownley.

Below is a written transcript of the interview, in which he talks about his experiences as an Italian immigrant, massive problems in his district that he is going to fix and how Hollywood has blacklisted him:  

You’re going against an incumbent who has held on to her office for quite some time. What can you offer that your opponent can’t?

Well first of all I understand immigrant policy more than anybody, because I am an immigrant I came over from 1985, I probably love this country more than anyone that was born here. I love the American dream. I worked extremely hard to get where I am, This country means so much, but going back to your question first of all, I live in my county my opponent doesn’t live here I understand the needs of the people that live in Ventura County she possibly cannot understand it because she doesn’t not live here. My son was born here my Kids grew up in this environment, they went to school here, I opened up business, I know the locals I know the Latinos, I came speak in their languages I’m fluent in Spanish, most people think I’m Spanish but I’m Italian, but I get it. I get what people need Business needs a lot in my community. Regulations need to be lowered, taxes for middle income households need to be lowered the farmers need a lot, we produce so many vegetables and fruits and its sold all over the country and they need our help and the farmers are having an extremely hard time. We have to help the people so I’m going to go into office where the people come first and not the other way around.

Right, and I was looking at your background information and you were in Hollywood for quite sometimeHow do you feel about the recent sexual abuse scandals that have been exposed in the entertainment industry and if elected would you do anything to put an end to this?

Well I’ve been talking about this for quite sometime, and I think that it’s important to give freedom and safety to people in need I think studios and network owners and presidents should apply more interest and dedication to make sure that the women or men are not affected in the workplace in any harassment of any kind so I always suggested it has to come within the studios inside what people we need to sit around and prevent and put prevention in any clause and any contract that really helps people and makes sure that they are safe, in a place to go and talk about it, about where they fell protected at any given…whatever it takes really I’m glad this is coming right now and I applaud women who have been affected and who have the guts because it is scary because when you encounter these kind of situations and you have no where to go and I think right now there’s a place of safety where people can come out and be taken care of but we need more so I suggest to go straight to the source with the presidents and studios.

Earlier you said that you were an immigrant. As an immigrant, do you believe that the Republican Party is anti immigrant as some critics say?

No, actually quite the opposite the republican party has done so much to help immigration and to help we reform immigration laws completely where were not going forward with immigration and we need to go forward to protect our country to protect our people and to make sure the american people are safe first and foremost and the border has to be protected and we have to push for immigration reform and we spend almost a $100 billion on immigration every year and I think we need to come up with better solutions that give country safety and the right future we need for our children it needs to be reformed completely 100%.

So I was taking a look at your website and you said that the Oxnard, VA, is ranked the worst in the country. How does that make you feel and what will you do for our veterans?

You know my goal is to help veterans in any way shape or form I started a program called True Hope Calling its a way to help anyone dealing with addiction and find a place of help and recovery 24 hours a day and it doesn’t mater what kind of insurance or if you have insurance we will guide you to the right place or summer living home so having said that my goal is to hire veterans and make sure the veterans get the hep they need at any given time my opponent was able to get some funding for the Oxnard, VA, this year but credit has to be given to our president, our president has been finally  a leader in the veterans world where they’re finally having their voices hear and I believe men and women who are still sacrificing their lives on a daily basis deserve to have the first step in line and be able to be treated at any given moment so I would push for more funding and more education and more reach and to be able to help as many veterans in my community as I possibly can it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of taking to the right people and going back to Washington to pass policy that gets things done and my opponent has not done that at all and has the type of energy or will to help the people and I’m very excited to be and to get into Washington to work hard and people deserve more

Also in your website you said that Citrus crop in Ventura County is a huge deal and produces a lot of jobs and according to your website it should be protected from economic and biological threats, what do you mean by that and would your opponent do the same?

Well yeah, for example the Obama administration lifted the ban for citrus so we are importing citrus from south america and we’re not regulating at all we don’t know whats coming with this citrus we don’t know what kind of bacteria is coming we just letting them come in without regulation and we need to make sure that our workers are getting the full benefit and full amount of appreciation in return and they’re not by lifting the ban in citrus my community lost thousands and thousands of jobs I would push on putting back into place the ban on citrus and make sure we are the ones that are producing products in america for the rest of the world and we need to start coming first and we need to have a mentality of my community comes first and whats best for my community and the people living in it.

At the very bottom of your website you said that you are not a career politician and have stood on your own two feet ever since arriving in this country with nothing. What do you mean by that?

Well I fight for what I believe in and I don’t follow the heard, and I don’t do what other people want me to do and this is one of the things I try to teach my children do what you want to do not what other people want you to do so this country has given me so much the opportunity the choices many other countries don’t have choices for the future and in this country if you work hard and persevere you can do anything so I wanted to become an actor and I’m still doing it, even though I am a conservative in Hollywood and I’ve been blacklisted and I keep fighting for whats right its wrong to be blacklisted its wrong to say that I’m supporting my president and other people are putting me down it shouldn’t be happening and we live in the greatest country in the world and we have to make sure these things don’t happen we have freedom of speech freedom of choice and we have 27 amendments in our constitution and those are great pieces of legislature and we have the right to express how we feel but lately if you talk about this particular subject or if you’re a conservative in Hollywood you’re shut down completely so i’m going to fight for what is right and that shouldn’t happening at all.

Mr Sabato, I have nothing left thank you so much do you have any last words?

No, I appreciate it I’m happy to be here just go to voteantonio.com that’s our main site and that’s where we select all our people who want to join the campaign so we can win this.

Interviewing Mr. Sabato was an honor, and listening to him speak as a person who wants to make a difference in his community and to hear him speak about being an immigrant who loves this country is so amazing. It reminds me that America gives the greatest opportunity in the world for anyone who has the drive to succeed. Having to put one’s acting career on the line by speaking in support for President Trump is an act of inspiration that gives me the greatest assurance knowing that Mr. Sabato is the perfect choice for the seat.

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