The GOP Is Dead… Do Not Resuscitate

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee decided to take the leap and support Roy Moore in the form of an endorsement and $170,000 to boost his campaign.

A month ago, I wrote an article detailing the reasons why Alabama Republicans should say ‘no’ to Roy Moore. That was before the sexual assault and statutory rape allegations came out. And yet, despite my warnings and even including the dearth of evidence that Moore is anything but a sexual criminal, the Republican Party of the United States decided to support him anyways. Let that sink in.

Republicans believe that Doug Jones is so bad, awful, and evil that they’re willing to support a man who has been credibly accused of sexual impropriety of drastic proportions. You all know the allegations by now, so I won’t re-hash. But given these latest developments as far as GOP support for this candidate, I think it’s officially time to bury the Republican Party six feet under.

Moore is just the straw that broke the camel’s back on this winding road of lies, hypocrisy, and fraud.

Once upon a time, Republicans opposed increasing governmental debt levels to their dying breath. They couldn’t allow Obama and the Democrats to raise the debt even slightly because it would be disastrous for the country. But now that they’re in office, they seem to have no issue with it. Apparently debt is only bad when the other guys are in power.

In 2010, Republicans vowed to cut spending and scale back the role of government, a strategy they hoped would attract voters for the midterms that year. They won, big. If only they had followed through on their plan to scale back government. Since then, we’ve seen not only a massive increase in military spending, but an escalation of the war in the Middle East as well. Included in that is an increase in the number of drone strikes and bombs dropped on the Middle East, a number that I thought (and hoped) Obama would always hold the record. An incredible cutback in the scale of government power and spending, wouldn’t you say?

Then to top off the hypocrisy fully, they had to pass a tax bill that, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, would add over $1 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. A staggering number, surely, but what’s less staggering is that this was passed by these frauds with an ‘R’ by their name. They say they want smaller government, and then blast Rand Paul when he lets the Patriot Act expire. I guess to some Republicans, government’s unlawful spying on its people is just par for the course of believing your “government should be smaller, smarter, and more efficient.”

I’m sure all that could be forgiven, however. Surely there are enough partisan hacks in this country to blindly follow the GOP wherever it decides to go, all while sacrificing any principles and beliefs in small government to continue defeating “libtards.” After all, Democrats do the same stuff too, right? They passed Obamacare without allowing anyone to read it, so the GOP fired back with the tax bill before allowing anyone to read it as well.

Now the party has gone one step too far. Electing a man who said this, while simultaneously parading around as the party of morality and the party of evangelical Christians isn’t exactly conducive to gaining or maintaining the moral high ground.

With this endorsement of Roy Moore, the GOP has sunk to a new low. A low I had never fathomed I could see, and a level to which is truly tragic to witness. Roy Moore was a poor candidate before the allegations of sexual impropriety came out. Now, the man is a train wreck. If Republicans truly believe they are the party of morality and that the left has destroyed our country and our culture with their progressivism, tell me why are the Democrats the ones calling for the resignation of their party’s sexual assaulters while Republicans prop up their own alleged sexual assaulter? Political tactic or not from the Democrats, good on ’em. In a race just a year after supporting another alleged sexual assaulter for president, the GOP has truly lost its course amidst a political world of extravagant government spending and hyper-partisan hackery. From this, I expect the GOP will never recover.

How can the Republicans even feign holding the moral high ground ever again? They’re supporting higher defense bills. Endless War. Drone strikes. $1 trillion debt increases. And now, a man who doesn’t act in support of the First Amendment right to religious freedom; a man who once said, oddly and disparagingly that the gay marriage ruling was worse “in a sense” than the 1857 pro-slavery ruling. And finally, worst of all, a credibly-alleged sexual assaulter who can’t even keep his story straight.

The Grand Ole Party is dead… Do Not Resuscitate, for the love of God.


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