We Need Everyone

Abortion leaves no one untouched. With one in five pregnancies ending in abortion, you likely know a woman who has had an abortion, and if you do not, there is no one in the world who is not missing part of their generation.

I recently had a conversation with a young man who claimed that conservatives should stop pushing for abortion to be made illegal until we have a culture that will support it. I strongly disagree with this analysis, as the fight for life is gaining ground both culturally and politically. A victory is a victory, no matter how small. Each small win is countless innocent lives saved. Each bill that passes, like H.R. 36, protects more children from violent persecution in their mother’s womb, even if most abortions are performed well before this.

While the illegality of abortion will not rid America of the terror of crisis, unplanned, pregnancies, it will slow the slaughter of innocent lives, the misuse of women as sex objects, and the damaging effects abortion has on every relationship it touches. The pro-life movement wants abortion illegal and we want it to be unthinkable. It is not one or the other. Culture includes art, music, history, mannerisms, religion, government, and law. The cultural and political revolution for life do not exist independently; each produces the other. The grassroots effort for both is well underway- what a glorious sight to behold.

Life-affirming laws and culture can be promoted by Lila Rose, Abby Johnson, and thousands of activists throughout the world, but a society that promotes life is not only the job of those with a social media following, who appear on Fox News or have the power of the pen. Life is not meant to be lived alone; it is not meant to be fought for alone.

We need pastors and priests to help fulfill spiritual needs of the hurting.

We need lawyers and judges to advocate for the unborn, mothers, and fathers.

We need politicians to make laws, athletes and entertainers to use their platform, artists to promote life in their various mediums.

We need doctors to care for the unborn as diligently as they care for the mothers.

We need biologists to explain why life begins at conception.

We need black people to engage, Asians to engage, Latinos to engage, white people to engage, everyone engaging in their spheres of influence.

We need poor people to show compassion to those facing pregnancy in crisis.

We need rich people to fund pregnancy care centers across the nation.

We need journalists to expose the evils of the abortion industry.

We need teachers to educate students out of the cycle of poverty.

We need people with extra time to volunteer and people with extra money to donate.

We need you.


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