TPUSA Blocks Students from Asking Tomi Lahren Questions on Abortion

Students are in an uproar at Turning Point USA’s West Palm Beach Student Action Summit where at least a dozen students were denied asking political commentator Tomi Lahren why she supports abortion.

Baylor University student Chloe Knox was the first student to be denied after her question was screened by a TPUSA employee.

“Was this a joke?” The majority of this week was spent in discussion on banning free-speech zones, censorship, and being able to talk openly about controversial topics,” Knox told The Rouser.

Knox typed her question, asking:

“You are perhaps best known for being an outspoken advocate for our armed forces and law enforcement. In fact, the one major government power you support is the common defense of Americans. However, the one group you do not believe deserves protection from the government is the most vulnerable population—unborn children. You claim that government should stay out of your body, my body, and all other women’s bodies. My question is that if it’s been scientifically proven that unborn children are their own separate organisms with their own unique human DNA and beating hearts, how can you claim that abortion is a right to YOUR own body?”

According to Knox, the employee explained to her that Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk was upset over particular kinds of questions that were asked in previous Q&A sessions and directed his employees to look out for these before students got the chance to ask.

Audience members grew visibly upset while Lahren avoided the elephant in the room, many of which shouted at her to answer whether or not she was pro-life.

“You need to simmer down! You don’t even want to start with me,” Lahren shot back in frustration.

“She brought up issues on feminism and women’s rights, but refused to even mention abortion,” said Knox.

Several students waited up to an hour after the event before Kirk came to speak with them and offer apologies. Claiming he never gave orders to deny anyone’s questions, Kirk claims this was the fault of miscommunication between him and his staff.

Knox later realized Lahren went out of her way to block her on Twitter.

“Thank you, Charlie for your apology,” said Knox. “And thank you Tomi Lahren for blocking me on Twitter.”

UPDATE: Name event was clarified to reflect the location and proper name.



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