Experience ≠ Expertise: An Idea Leftists Can’t Seem To Understand

Earlier this week, I saw an article on Twitter that was shared by Planned Parenthood concerning abortion and miscarriages.

In the tweet, Planned Parenthood asserted that there is no difference between a woman who miscarries and a person who aborts.


And, I took issue with this statement, because it is obviously not true. One is an un-intentional loss, and the other is an intentional action. They are two completely different things, involving two completely different mindsets.

So, in response to the Planned Parenthood tweet, I said:

And almost immediately, someone took issue with this. The response was, “Aren’t you a man? Lol.” Which I responded to by saying, “yes, and your point?” And the exchange went back and forth for a few more tweets, during which it was asserted that my opinion(s) on abortion and miscarriage were invalid due to the fact that I am a male (a quite sexist notion, I might add).

I vehemently disagreed with this, noting that my biological sex has no bearing on the validity of my opinion in any case, but this was promptly disregarded by the other party.  And I thought that was the end of it.

However, following our exchange, the other party then tweeted this out (warning, foul language):


And I took incredible issue with this because, not only is it profoundly sexist, it is simply not true.

So, I responded saying:


The other party did not respond to this…

This concept is a simple, yet profound one, that I was first introduced to by, the Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Wire, Ben Shaprio.

I cannot recall the exact context, but I believe he was discussing the problems existent in identity politics, and he made the assertion that experience does not equal expertise. And I found this to be simplistically brilliant, and true.

I also believe this is a concept that leftists can’t quite grasp because their viewpoints are riddled with erroneous logic to the contrary.

In terms of gender, race, abortion, etc, leftists tend to assert that one can only have a valid opinion about something if they’ve experienced it.

With gender, they assert that if you’ve never lived with gender dysphoria, you don’t know what it’s like, and therefore, your opinion is invalid.

With race, they assert that unless you’re a member of a certain minority group, you’ve never experienced racism, and therefore, your opinion is invalid (which ironically, is a racist concept).

With abortion, they assert that if you’re not a woman, and cannot give birth to a child, then you can’t know what it’s like to have an abortion, and therefore, your opinion is invalid.

And this argument in each and every case is not true, and easily debunked. Because, all of these arguments rely on how someone feels as a result of their experience, as opposed to the actual facts about the subject.

In all actuality, in regards to the cases above, the validity of your opinion relies solely on its factual basis. Experience does not equal expertise. Experience typically motivates someone to become an expert on a certain topic, however, the simple fact that they have experienced something, does not make them an expert on the subject.

For example, I was on the Westminster Bridge in London, during the Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attack, but that does not make me an expert on Terrorism in London.

I don’t know any of the facts about terrorism, as a whole, in London. I don’t know the history of London terrorism, prior to the experience I had. I don’t know the number of terrorist attacks that have occurred in London I don’t know how many people have been injured or killed by terrorism in London. I don’t know the typical motives behind terrorism in London. I don’t know anything about terrorism in London, other than the experience I had. So, my experience did not make me an expert.

The same is true with any other way scenario.

Just because you allegedly live with gender dysphoria, doesn’t mean you necessarily know the scientific basis for the diagnosis. Therefore, you are not an expert.

Just because you have experienced racism, doesn’t mean you know the history of the civil rights movement; the constitutional amendments, federal laws, and state laws preventing discrimination; or the statistics on discrimination in America. Therefore, you are not an expert.

Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean you necessarily know all of the science behind abortion, the legal history, and the statistics surrounding it. Therefore, you are not an expert.

What makes someone an expert on a certain subject, is their knowledge on the subject and the factual basis for their opinion. Experience does not equal expertise.

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