EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Joy Villa Explores Run for Congress amid Sexual Harassment Scandal involving Corey Lewandowski

Joy Villa, 31, is currently seeking to run for Congress. The pro-Trump singer, famously known for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ dress at The Grammy’s, has chosen Florida as the state in which she is exploring a run for Congress.

Although Joy told me in an interview Thursday night that she could not yet say which district she plans on running for, she did tell me that she is working privately with members of Donald Trump’s former presidential campaign, which include Roger Stone who resides in Florida.

“Roger is someone who has had an impeccable legacy. He’s someone who knows his stuff you know, 40 plus years in the business with no signs of stopping,” said Villa. “He expressed a real interest in me running for Congress and is working closely with me and my campaign.”

Joy also spoke with me about how Steve Bannon expressed interest in working with her and her campaign. “Bannon and I had a private meeting and started working on strategy, and then Stone took over and became the main strategist for this campaign,” said Villa.

I also spoke with Joy about the current state of politics and how the atmosphere is changing in Washington with the emergence of Trump and his brash style. I wanted to know her thoughts on what precisely that means for young millennials who are thinking of entering the world of politics.

“Well I have to tell you this, the landscape has completely changed. If young people 5 or 10 years ago wanted to get involved in politics it would have been almost impossible to get to the level that we can get to now because there was such a barricade for youth,” said Villa “The Democrats have done something with the youth that even the GOP has not been able to do yet.”

“If young people wanted to run back then you would have been shot down and what we see as of late is a lot of young millennials taking charge and using social media and other platforms to blow the gate wide open. You can become anything you want to be starting at a very young age. You no longer must be in your 40’s to get involved in politics and make a difference ” she continued.

Joy has been making the rounds appearing on Fox News speaking about her choice to run for Congress.

“We need to put new people in, we need to vote fresh blood in, and we really need to make America great again with people who are going to work for the aims of the president, not lobbyists, not Washington elitists,” Villa said on Fox News.

Villa has also gotten support from members of the Trump family and has even received support from the President on Twitter.

“I’m just blown away by the support I have received from the Trump family,” Villa said. “Even Ivanka Trump has encouraged me to pursue a run for Congress and have the opportunity

For more information on Joy’s exploratory campaign, you can visit her campaign website here.

Talking to several individuals late Friday night I was informed that someone has just accused Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, of sexual harassment. The accuser turned out to be Joy Villa.

I interviewed Joy for this article on Thursday night, and there was no mention of any sexual harassment scandal. Like many others, I found out because of what was being reported by Politico.

Politico reported that “President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been accused of unwanted touching by a singer and longtime Trump supporter whose potential “MAGA”-inspired congressional bid in Florida has been endorsed by the president himself.”

“It was completely demeaning and shocking,” Villa told Politico.

I reached out to Joy for comment late Friday night about the current allegations she has made against Lewandowski.

“How dare he disrespect the trust America has put in him, he is expected to act in accordance with good conduct. He abused his influence. I am shocked at his behavior towards me. How dare he do this knowing it could bring bad press on our President? He is morally corrupt. I’m a married woman who respects the values of Gentlemanly conduct as most men exhibit. I won’t be intimidated into silence any longer,” she continued.

She told me that this will not hinder her run for Congress and that she “will always stand up against those who take advantage of their power.”

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  1. Joy Villa has been losing support for months now as people learn she is not a devote Christian after all, she’s actually a Scientologist.

    Now they’re confused as to why Joy would alert the media and claim Corey Lewandowski slapped her butt. It seems this matter could’ve been taken care of privately, but Joy decided to inform Politico and make National News ..right after Trump had spoken highly about Lewandowski’s book, Joy has placed them both right back in the media’s crosshairs.


  2. I know personally know devout Christians who also find Scientology principals compatible with Christianity same goes for Muslims. This is a country founded on religious freedom. The author would do well to remember that and know that our millennials should be encouraged to take responsibility for this country by running for office.
    Lewandowski’s blatant disrespect not once but twice in the current climate here in the US makes him not only a sexual harasser but an arrogant and evil person who disrespected those in high places who have supported him.


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