Satanism: Compatible with Conservatism and a Check on Theocracy

Quite frankly, the religious right and I do not fare well. I strongly advocate a very big legal wall, bigger than Trump’s proposed wall, separating church and state. Also, my religious affiliation is not looked highly upon by most Christians, or any other religious people for that matter. Nonetheless, I take much pride in my faith, because I see it as a check against the ultra-religious in this country, who often try to overstep their bounds and implement authoritarian policies that erode personal freedoms. Or when they use our tax money to support endeavors geared towards their faith. I am a Satanist.

Contrary to what many believe, most Satanists are not theistic at all. They are mainly a bunch of atheists who enjoy copious amounts of personal freedom. Many critics would consider such individuals to be libertines, which I have no doubt some of us are. However, our ideologies range vastly across the political spectrum and so do our lifestyles in accordance to varying beliefs. The Church of Satan website suggests that though the membership spans across all parties and ideologies, most practicing Satanists consider themselves to be political pragmatists. Knowing that, you can safely assume that there are conservative thinkers among those in the online grottoes that seek to preserve the systems at large which grant us freedoms.

America is the “Land of the Free.” Conservatives, in American culture, are largely advocates of liberty and responsibility. Surprisingly enough, those are values that are very important to Satanists. A practitioner of Satanism is focused on what grants the most pleasure in life. We are very earthly people and non-spiritual, yet religious (that’s important), so we do not necessarily view attaining heaven or living any suggested lifestyles as optimal achievements. That being said, the American system that allows personal freedom to reign is one which Satanists should aspire to protect. Our nation has given freedom of the press, allowing many forms of artistic expression to flourish. We’ve been granted economic freedoms via a generous mixed economy that allows us to make a living from the opportunities and choices granted to us. We’re able to live out emotional and fleshly pleasures, as we’ve continued to erode laws prohibiting interracial marriages, gay marriages, etc. previously enacted by zealous religious ancestors.

As mentioned before, the Satanist tries to maximize his earthly pleasure. Money undeniably allows access to things that satisfy one’s wants and needs. Therefore, the Satanist should indeed favor lower taxes, so that they can spend their money however they want. How one chooses to achieve earthly pleasure can be either selfish or charitable, depending on what gives the most self-satisfaction. The point is that they spend their money as they see fit, and bear the consequences of their own decisions.

However, just like other conservatives, some Satanists understand the need for pragmatism, prudence, and preservation in order to preserve the aforementioned freedoms.  We understand that this system can only be kept with good care and due diligence. Allowing our culture to be undermined by others can distort the system that allows our individual freedoms to deteriorate if the state becomes more parental. As such, it would be in the best interest to curb immigration that has no significant net value to our nation after all factors are accounted for. It would also be in our scope to combat domestic policy enacted by religious people that seeks to undermine liberty as well.

As a community, we largely serve as a bastion protecting personal freedom. When you have candidates who “would gladly kill gays” or others who would make it illegal to engage in pleasures, we mobilize to stop them. When we feel that government sponsors one religion unfairly to the rest, or we see our own tax dollars promoting one religion while dismissing others, we mobilize to either get our own share of the action or build the wall 10 feet higher.

In essence, Satanism is not an enemy of conservatism. I love liberty as much as the others, and wish to preserve this wonderful nation. I support your right to practice your religious beliefs, just as I’m sure many of you respect mine.


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