Winning Again!

On the campaign trail, then candidate Donald Trump promised to Make America Great Again. In addition, he promised in contrast to the Obama years America would start winning again. Now almost one full year into the Trump presidency, there is strong evidence that America is indeed winning. Accomplishments are being made with regard to the economy, illegal immigration, defeating ISIS, and the appointments of constitutionalist judges to the courts.

Candidate Trump was accused by some of not being a genuine conservative and questioned as to whether he would govern as one. These fears simply have not been substantiated. President Trump quieted many concerns by appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Besides being immensely qualified for the judiciary, he is also a strict constitutionalist. This appointment alone has the potential to impact America for generations to come. As we have seen with court responses to the travel ban, the judiciary holds significant influence over which policies are legitimized or struck down.

The Justice Department has made significant progress in keeping MS-13 and other violent gangs out of the United States. The DACA program has been put to an end, at least for now. Illegal border crossings have decreased significantly from the Obama years and border patrol finally has the unequivocal support of the president behind them. The lawlessness on the southern border has come to an end and President Trump has not changed his tune on the border, promising to build a wall.

The president has successfully imposed a travel ban from terror-ridden countries and increased the extreme vetting process. It is now harder for ISIS and other terrorist groups to infiltrate our country the way they have throughout several European nations. On the battle field, ISIS has lost more and more of their caliphate and they are on the verge of being defeated entirely. The brutal beheadings of Westerners being recorded on video have become a thing of the past. They no longer have the territory in Iraq and Syria that they once had. In addition, coalition partners and other countries have provided much assistance in defeating ISIS. Finally, we have a president that recognizes that we are up against an inherently evil ideology, and is willing to call out radical Islamic terrorism.

The economy is booming, despite the catastrophic predictions of the mainstream media. Consistently high numbers in the stock market along with the massive tax cut bill bode well for the continued success of the economy. President Trump is very clearly putting the American economy before the globalist economy.

Despite the catastrophic productions of the mainstream media and the Left, this president has an impressive record thus far. America is winning again, and the president is leading the charge to Make America Great Again.


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