The Left’s Inconsistent Views On Rights

Whether we are discussing rights that exist in nature or in the US Constitution, the Left have an odd interpretation of how these various rights should be exercised. From an objective view of their arguments, it is apparent that they have two conflicting philosophies at play: one is that rights are to be exercised without obstruction, and the other is that there are caveats to these rights. What makes this stark contradiction especially confusing is the predilection of those on the Left to switch their mindset from issue to issue. This article will serve to highlight all of the inconsistent thinking patterns of the Left in regards to rights centered around various contemporary and contraversial issues.


On the issue of abortion, leftists believe that abortion rights can be exercised on demand and whenever the woman in question sees fit. We hear from leftists that abortion is a cherished right, and that to deny this right to a woman would instantaneously identify one as being “sexist” or “misogynistic.” The philosophy leftists espouse on this issue is one of absolutism. On abortion, leftists will likely refuse to compromise for they believe that the “right” to receive an abortion is fundamental to the identity of women.

Free Speech

But while the “right” to an abortion may be granted by the whim of any woman, free speech must be restricted so as to prevent “hate speech.” In this day and age, a large proportion of millennials, who are predominantly leftist, agree that speech can be limited if it offends or insults a particular ethnic group. When it comes to this issue, leftists drop the absolutism they appear to have on the issue of abortion, and instead argue that the right to free speech, which is a constitutionally recognized right, needs absolute and specific restrictions so as to protect the feelings of others.

Here, it is not only revealed that leftists have an inconsistent view of rights, but rather also permits the assumption that leftists have little to no respect for individual liberty. They believe that it is their right to approach any abortion clinic, and demand that a doctor perform an abortion because it is their “right.” But if I wanted to present my political opinion as to why the black community struggles in America, then I would likely be silenced because it would be deemed “offensive.”

Gun Control

The leftist viewpoint that rights somehow can be proscribed is shown again on the issue of gun control and the Second Amendment. To the Left, the right to own a gun must be restricted as much as possible. We have all heard their arguments: background checks must be expanded, “assault weapons” should not be sold on the free market, guns should not have so many attachments, etc. Much like their oppressive view regarding free speech, leftists hold the view that the right to own a gun needs to be restricted due to the fact that guns are used to inflict harm on others. Once again, leftists break from the precedent of absolutism that they consistently utilize in reference to the issue of abortion.

Voting Rights

Unlike the philosophy used by leftists in regards to the Second Amendment and free speech, absolutism once again takes precedent for the issue of voting rights. The Left, in order to fit their ever evolving narrative, switch back to their original view on rights and argue that the right to vote should be granted without restrictions. Whenever the topic of  implementing a system to validate voter IDs arises, leftists ironically argue that since voting is a constitutional right, it should be practiced without regulation. In addition, leftists argue that any attempt to implement voter ID laws are also an attempt to bar a minority group from participating in US elections. This minority group, in many such instances, just so happens to be illegal immigrants. 

It is now apparent once again that the Left have two diametrically opposed views on rights. What is interesting now is that on the issue of voting rights, the Left reveal themselves to be hypocrites on constitutional rights. First, it must be recognized that the right to bear arms and the right to vote are rights that are explicitly granted in the Amendments of the US Constitution. With this in mind, it is rather confusing to see that the Left have two different philosophies on these rights. On the right to bear arms, restrictions are necessary, but on the right to vote, restrictions are discriminatory. The Left not only have different views on how rights can be practiced, but also in regards to the interpretation of the US Constitution.


In discussing property, the Left unsurprisingly change their view on constitutional rights again. This time, their arguments imply that the right to property must be regulated as well. When they argue for higher taxes, they are really saying that the wealthy cannot have so much property, so it must be taken by coercion. When leftists argue for gun control, they are also implying that people should not own certain property. On most issues involving personal property, leftists will likely argue in such a way so as to undermine the value of private ownership.


But on the issue of services, we can see that inconsistency and the consistent flip-flopping arises once again, and leftists argue on the side of absolutism. Leftists argue that any denial of any service is some legitimate form of discrimination. If you deny health care, you hold negative views towards your common man; if you deny sex to a homosexual, you are a bigot; if you deny a wedding cake to a gay couple, you are homophobic. When it comes to services, leftists reveal their absolutism, which is radically different from the philosophy espoused when they argue on the issues of property, gun control, and free speech.

With that being said, it becomes clear that the crux of the leftist view on rights is discovered on the so called “right to services.” In reality, the left-wing belief system is the most selfish and morally corruptible system that has ever been espoused by Americans. The reason why we see inconsistency in their views on rights on several issues is because leftists do not act in regards to any real principle or value, but rather act to serve their own personal interests. They love abortion because it suits them; they love universal healthcare because it suits them; they believe in the absolute “right to service” because it directly benefits them. The Left do not care about individual sovereignty, and would much rather change America in a way so as to have citizens be a slave to everyone else. Leftists will never allow you to say what you want, think what you want, or buy what you want. This is the reason for the stark inconsistency: leftists never cared for individual liberty. They only intensely desire an agenda that completely satisfies them and their insatiable self-interests, and if this achievement can only be accomplished through the dissemination of lies and false narratives, so be it. Morality, solidity, and objectivity are all immensely stable properties that a society should strive to have, but in the case of the Left, it is apparent that their only desire for society is depravity and subservience. 


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