EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dr. Kelli Ward Campaigns to become the First Female Senator of Arizona

With Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announcing that he would retire from the Senate last October, Dr. Kelli Ward may have a shot at becoming the first female Senator to represent the state of Arizona in the upper house.

Touting endorsements from Sen. Rand Paul, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, she’s even been recognized by the White House.

Ward, however, faces tough competition now that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to enter the race, the Washington Examiner reported. What was once an 8% lead over Congresswomen Martha McSally back in November 2017 has now turned into a 6% deficit to Joe Arpaio and 4% deficit to McSally.

While welcoming Arpaio into the race, Ward is confident that she is running an “excellent campaign,” she told the Rouser in an interview.

“We have everything we need to move forward and win this race. We need real problem solvers in Washington who have solutions to many things that are facing the country,” says Ward.

As for her home state, we discussed the big issues affecting voters right now. On the impact of Trumps tax reform overhaul on the state, Ward said:

“I believe that the tax bill was a great first effort to Making America Prosperous Again, but we certainly can’t let another 30 years go by to address the tax code again. We have already seen a lot of companies, because of the tax bill, give bonuses and pay raises to their employees.”

“Small businesses are rejoicing about this because the tax rate is going down, even though I do believe that the rate should be even lower, not only for corporations but all Americans as well. I believe that the people and businesses spend their own money better than the government does.”

Speaking about the individual mandate Ward told me that it was one of the most critical parts of that bill. “Senator Rand Paul insisted on it, and it is going to save people money. The federal government should never be forcing people to purchase anything,” said Ward.

Sticking to the topic of healthcare we wanted to know Dr. Ward’s views on abortion as a conservative woman vying for one of the most influential positions in the country.

“First and foremost, we must insist on defunding Planned Parenthood – they get taxpayer dollars, that is not only used for abortion services, but for lobbying and contributions for pro-abortion candidates. That must stop, and that has to stop immediately,” said Ward of Planned Parenthood, which receives over $500 million in federal funds every year.

“As a physician, I understand that there is no reason for late-term abortions. There is no reason for us to be torturing a baby in the womb especially in that stage in development,” said Ward. “Unfortunately, regarding getting the message out to millennials, and young millennial women, we Republicans have allowed Democrats to control the message on this issue and many issues. On social issues, it is very easy for them to pull the emotional heart string especially of young women.”

“We’ve got to connect with these women so that they understand what’s going on. We now have the technological advances to show the mother, as well as the father and everyone else, what exactly is going on in the mother’s body. It is not just a clump of cells. We have to encourage the use of ultrasounds so that the mother can hear the heartbeat of that baby earlier on not only that but so that they can see that baby as soon as possible so that they can see for themselves that it is a life that is growing inside them,” said Ward.

With many young girls looking to Hollywood actresses and music singers as role models the challenge for conservative women is real—especially for those in politics. Ward said that not only do more conservative women need to speak out on issues but “more conservative women need to be role models in their community so that these young girls can see that there are other options.”

“We need to be the complete package so that these young girls, and women, can see that there is a way to balance life, and work, and decisions, whatever decisions they may be. There hasn’t been a lot of that on our side of the aisle, but I’m here to change that,” said Ward. “I do know that there are a lot of great women who are out there who are conservative women, Republican women, liberty-loving women, who can and will do the job if given the opportunity and I believe that that will go along way.”

With the entrance of Arpaio in the race, one of the topics that will surely be highlighted in this race will be about immigration. With Washington currently working on immigration reform which is sure to include a DACA deal, border security, and other reforms, I spoke with Ward on her views on the current debate in Washington surrounding immigration reform.

“Conservatives must hold true to the promises they make to their constituents and that includes the promises made by President Trump which includes the wall and border security,” says Ward.

“We must insist first and foremost that we secure the border. We need to fund the wall. I am open to temporarily extending the privileges that Barack Obama unconstitutionally gave to the DACA recipients while the wall is being funded and built. Once it has been completed we can address what to do the DACA population, but to talk about a permanent fix before we have a border is unacceptable,” says Ward.

You can visit Ward’s campaign website here.

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