Real Men are Pro-Life

On Friday, hundreds of thousands of people will descend upon Washington D.C. for the 45th annual March for Life. The event is being held on the same day as the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized the systematic killing of unborn children throughout the United States.

For the longest time, abortion has been regarded as strictly an issue affecting women that should be decided by women. “No uterus, no opinion,” is a common remark from pro-choice advocates.

But at the March for Life, you won’t just see women of all ages. As a matter of fact, you will see that among the estimated 650,000 people attending the March will be a similar number of men.

Why is that? Well, for the simple reason that abortion is not solely a women’s issue – it’s a human rights issue and it affects men in a very deep and personal way.

In an era of fragile masculinity, countless men have used abortion as a way to get rid of a “problem” or “accident,” something that has interfered with the consequent-free, sexual lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. Abortion is an escape from the responsibility of their own life decisions. What easier way out is there than the manipulation of a defenseless child’s life?

It’s a travesty that men have pushed abortion on women who want to keep the unborn child, to bring that life into the world. It’s out of selfishness that men do this, without consideration of the mental and physical health of the baby, woman, or even themselves. In most cases, it isn’t until far too late that men realize what they have done. They’ve robbed themselves of their own fatherhood.

When a child is aborted, it’s not just the woman obtaining the abortion who is losing a child. The man is also losing a child – his child, the one he helped procreate and whose life is being ended.

Pro-lifers often point to the regret that women have after an abortion, but the regret that men feel is often forgotten. Scores of men have come out and said that after their wife or girlfriend had the abortion, they have felt an immense feeling of loss and regret.

“It left deep scars,” said one man on this very subject. “There’s always a shadow in the background.”

Fathers of aborted babies continue on with their lives wondering what their child would have looked like, talked like, what sports they would have played, and any number of things that fathers look forward to learning about their children. Some will look at their surroundings and notice men their age bouncing a little one on their knee, pushing them on the swing, or playing their first game of catch; this reminds them of what they lost, and it crushes them.

The rapper Eminem is perhaps the most well-known man to ever address this topic. According to LifeNews, in his song “River,” Eminem gives a powerful testimony of a man, his affair, the resulting pregnancy and an abortion that ends the baby’s life. In the song, Eminem says that, “I made you terminate my baby.”

While it’s unclear whether the award-winning artist is speaking of a personal experience or a fictional father, the song illustrates a powerful point about the destructive nature of abortion’s aftereffects and the realization of the loss of fatherhood.

Something special happens to a man when he becomes a father. Suddenly, he’s entrusted with a precious life for which he is to love and nurture, and a mother which has given him the greatest gift that one can receive. He’s the leader of the household, not for the purpose of dominating the mother or the child, but rather to care and provide the best life he can for them.

Some men realize this immediately, others realize it too late, and some never do. For the ones who realize this too late, they fully realize the lost fatherhood they live with, and a diminished sense of masculinity.

However, there is a way for them to gain that back, as Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson said at a rally before the 2017 March. Watson, a 13-year NFL veteran, told those in attendance that men have a special role to play in the pro-life movement.

“We as men must stand up for the lives of the innocent and their mothers in crisis,” he said. “It is past time that we [men] be the leaders, caretakers and providers that we were meant to be.”

Yes, abortion is a difficult decision to make, and when it is made, there are three victims whose lives are forever changed: the child who was never born, the mother who bore that child, and the father who helped create that child and will never be able to know what their child would have grown up to be.

Men must reclaim their masculine identity by being true to their nature, protecting the next generation from having their life ended before having a fair chance to live. There’s no greater or more honorable calling for a man than to stand up for the most defenseless: the unborn child.

The assault on life grows every day, and the efforts of everyone is required to bring an end to the culture of death. Men must fulfill the special role they play and know that the unborn are counting on them. If they don’t step up, an untold number of men and women will lose their lives and the world will be worse off as a result.

Men, the moment is here and the time is now. What’s your move?


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