Christians Championing the March for Life

The largest pro-life rally in the United States, the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. draws thousands upon thousands of attendees. I have had the pleasure of attending for the past two years, and both times I have stopped to look back once I reach the top of Capitol Hill. Each time, seeing the masses spread down Constitution Avenue for blocks upon blocks is an awe-inspiring image of unity in the face of opposition.

Thankfully, the pro-life movement is strong and growing stronger and the opposition is failing miserably. With a Trump White House and a Republican-controlled Congress, legislation like HR 36 and HR 4712 have the best chance of becoming law (the Trump administration the first in 45 years to address the March for Life directly).

Christians, the predominant religion in the US, are easily the most identifiable demographic in the pro-life movement. From devout Catholics to deep in the Bible-belt Baptists, Christians are an overwhelming voice for the unborn, for good reason.

1) The Gospel cares about the least of these. Impoverished, destitute, cornered, disenfranchised, connectionless, unintended, and weak members of the human family. The pro-life movement is centered around the way abortion hurts more than helps the women who choose abortion, not to mention ends a human life in the process.

2) God is just, and reflecting justice is one way that we bear His image and bear it well. The Right to Life is the most fundamental right to American life. Taking this away is an egregious assault on every other right in our country, and it does so disproportionately in poor, minority American communities. This injustice should grieve the heart of any believer.

3) God is the Giver and Author of life. Everything that flows from Him is good. Abortion ends a human life which God had given to the parents to love, cherish, and cultivate into a responsible member of the human family. There is a reason people are grieved when a young child dies or is killed, yet are apathetic at best when abortion is brought up. Not so for the Christian, who believes that all life is a gift from the Lord.

4) Crisis situations we are brought into, either by our own sin or others, are an opportunity for God to display His great faithfulness and provision. There is story after story of how the Lord has provided for those who have chosen life. This is a way that God can orchestrate beauty out of the ashes. There is great joy when we give the Lord full control of our lives, which brings me to my final point.

5) Jesus came to bring life and life in abundance. Puppy kisses. Toes in the sand. First days of school. Last days of school. Giggling. Sunshine after a long winter. Riding a bike. Sunrises and sunsets. The warmth of a mother’s embrace. The approving nod of a father. God takes great joy in bestowing these common blessings upon His children. Not every life is prosperous, but every life is precious.

My favorite times in the March is when I see groups from all over the country- Sioux Falls, Detroit, Naples, St. Louis, Seattle, and Austin. All different denominations, all different phases of life, all different colors and languages. The love of Christ binds us and the strength of Christ keeps us fighting for every child to have the glorious trials and experiences that bring them to the foot of the cross, that they may have life in its rich abundance


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