The Ugliness of Abortion

A nation that once fought and died for basic human rights no longer protects them. The number one cause of death in America is abortion, according to CDC statistics, which shows there are about 700,000 abortions annually in the US.

As sickening as the ubiquity of abortion is, many proponents try to portray it as a woman’s right. This claim fails to recognize that there are many women who are pro-life, not pro-death. Enough with this genocidal movement being called “pro-choice”, and call it what it is: pro-death. A human life is not a choice. Human life should never be justified by his or her convenience. Imagine what the world would look like if anyone who was considered to be an inconvenience could legally be murdered. It’s a barbaric argument.

Many people who are pro-death regurgitate the same arguments: abortion is safe, legal and rare, it’s unfair to bring an unwanted child into the world, and the fetus is part of the woman’s body so it’s her choice, to name a few.

Abortion is safe for whom exactly? Certainly not the child. They end up dead, whether it be during the first, second, or third trimester. How are these abortions performed? According to Planned Parenthood, WebMD, and Abortion Procedures, during first trimester abortions, abortionists use the procedure called suction aspiration. During this procedure, the abortionists insert a tube into the woman’s cervix. This tube has a very powerful vacuum along with a bladed tip, sucking the woman’s placenta and baby out while chopping it up. For a second trimester abortion, the procedure is called dilation and evacuation. In this, the cervix is dilated and the baby’s limbs are forcibly removed one at a time. After that, the abortionists crush the skull, proceeding to use a suction tube to collect the remainder of the dead child and other tissues. If the first two procedures are a too gruesome to hear, then strap in for the third. For a late-term abortion during the third trimester, a large needle is injected into the woman’s abdomen area with a substance that will poison the child. The poison burns the outside of the baby’s skin while causing its arteries to rupture and organs to fail, and yes, the child feels it all. Afterwards, the woman delivers her dead child.

With regard to the argument that bringing an unwanted child into the world is immoral, it’s necessary to mention that sticking surgical scissors into a woman, yanking a baby’s limbs out one by one, crushing their skull and then sucking the rest of the body out through a vacuum is also immoral. Pro-death arguments often assume that an unwanted child would be mistreated. However, that isn’t statistically true. According to the American Life League, when the Roe v. Wade decision was passed in 1973, there were 452,800 cases of child abuse. That number rose to one million in 1983, and 2.9 million in 1990. Statistics provided by Childhelp show there are now an average of 3.6 million cases reported to CPS each year. The argument that an unwanted child will be mistreated is not only false, the evidence shows that abortion increases child abuse.

Psychiatrist Philip Ney, M.D., a professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada, researched a link between women that have had an abortion, and child abuse towards the children they decide not to kill. Ney wrote:

“When I investigated the relationship between child abuse and abortion and reported a direct correlation, people were angry and astonished. It appeared that the rate of child abuse did not decrease with freely available abortions. In fact, the opposite was true… In parts of Canada where there were low rates of abortion there were low rates of child abuse. As the rates of abortion increased, so did child abuse… Indeed, it is a vicious cycle. That is, parents who have been involved in abortion are more likely to abuse and neglect their children. Mothers and fathers who were abused as children are more likely to abort their child.”

Ney found that women that have had an abortion suffer many psychological problems such as a weakening of maternal instincts, reduced inhibitions against violence (particularly towards children), and heightened levels of anger, rage and depression. Abortion clearly increases child abuse and leaves tens millions of babies dead.

Ironically, there is a direct connection between the arguments in favor of abortion and the arguments that racists used in favor of slavery. Slave owners made the case that they get to determine what human life is and isn’t when it’s on their property, which sounds quite similar to the slogan “My Body, My Choice!™” Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

“How can the ‘Dream’ survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.”

Abortion is disgustingly gruesome, and all human life is worthy of lawful protection. It’s an unsafe slippery slope that should have zero compromise.

There is no “human right” that allows you to take the life of another person. If a woman has the right to choose what she does with her body, why doesn’t that give the same right to a female who is in the womb? Those in favor of abortion seemingly lack basic logic. A human is not a choice, and history will not be kind to the pro-death movement.


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